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  1. jaxx

    2 Years ago today!

    I'm doing this on my mobile so not sure if it will work but here goes. Me in June last year. I've not lost much more since then and I've not got any more recent pics than these. Me with my sister. Me messing about after helping my bro in law decorate his and my sis's house.
  2. jaxx

    2 Years ago today!

    I was sat in my hospital room in my sexy paper gown and knickers waiting for my life to change. I went for surgery at 5.20pm and was back on the HDU by 8pm. It was struggle for the next two months as I had a stenosis which needed stretching twice and I experienced horrendous depression but I got...
  3. jaxx

    work moral dilemma, I need help.

    It is his own personal laptop. Unfortunately no CCTV. The only reason he was discovered was because he was late back from his lunch, my friend went to see if he was awake (he even falls asleep at his desk) and caught him in the act. Our boss is a pushover and tends to not like disciplining...
  4. jaxx

    work moral dilemma, I need help.

    The only bloke at work was discovered in our dining area watching porn on his laptop and er relieving himself. The colleague who found him is too embarrassed and frightened to say anything to our boss. He saw her so he knows he was discovered. I desperately want our boss to know but I don't want...
  5. jaxx

    Elephant skin boobs

    I've gone down lots in my chest size but my cup size has only gone down one. They've deflated. They look like a party balloon that's 10 days old. My belly isn't all that better and neither are my legs. I've been exercising like hell but I just have toned muscles hiding under layers of loose...
  6. jaxx

    Scrambled Eggs!!

    Eggs are difficult because they're soft and people tend to not chew them thoroughly. I had the same problem, eggs were a killer for me. The idea of mixing it with low fat Philly is a great idea but mash the eggs with it first and chew thoroughly and put your fork down in between each bit. Fish...
  7. jaxx

    Rule breaking

    I was very good today. Work is usually the time when I crave coke zero the most but I managed without any today. I just had coffee and redbush tea.
  8. jaxx

    post op help

    I'm single so I stayed at my mum's for two weeks but I had an extra op whilst under. They repaired an umbilical hernia which I didn't know about until months later. I had a lot more pain in my lower belly because of this so bending was impossible. I also slept propped up on pillows on the sofa...
  9. jaxx

    Rule breaking

    Thanks for the butt kicking. I needed it. But after a night of broken sleep and jittery muscles, I've just given my last bottle of coke away to a colleague and hopefully I can stay off the evil stuff. I'm now drinking redbush tea instead.
  10. jaxx

    Rule breaking

    I'm sticking to all the rules set down by my surgeon except the one about fizzy drinks. I'm addicted to Coke Zero. I can't seem to give it up. I laid off the stuff for a year post surgery but recently was somewhere where there was nothing suitable to drink and was very thirsty. I had a small...
  11. jaxx

    Generally feeling unwell

    Did the chicken have any sauce on it? How was it cooked? Was it chopped and reformed chicken?
  12. jaxx

    Newbie from Lancs

    Hi Marj, Rob Macadam is my consultant (although it was Mr Kerrigan who actually did my surgery) and he's lovely. Where in Lancs are you? I'm in Preston so I go to the Spire Fylde Coast hosp for my appointments. Anyway, welcome to the forum, I've found it invaluable throughout my wls journey...
  13. jaxx

    Severe pain yet again

    Well had my scan and the radiographer said everything looked normal. No gallstones. I'm a bit stumped now.
  14. jaxx

    Any regrets?????

    Unfortunately you don't. Your mind doesn't change with the op, you have to get used what you can and can't eat (once you're fully healed). I still think about those foods that made me fat in the first place but the fear of going back to how I was prevents me for making the bad choices. It is...
  15. jaxx

    Any regrets?????

    I instantly regretted my decision as soon as I came round from the op. I hated how I felt and was mourning my past life. However 2 months later once I settled in to my new life and developed new eating habits I realised it was the best thing that happened to me. I felt very alone in how I felt...
  16. jaxx

    Severe pain yet again

    I have my ultrasound scan tomorrow so we'll soon see if it is gallstones. I'll update when I know. Appointment is for 14.10.
  17. jaxx

    Proximal/distal? Exactly how much is bypassed?

    I saw a programme the other day that said it's usually between 100 and 150cms as too little and weight loss isn't as good and too much could result in chronic malnutrition.
  18. jaxx


    Fluctuations in weight are common at this stage. Your body is going into 'famine' mode as it's getting so little calories so it's hanging on to everything it can plus you'll be collecting fluid probably. Try not to concentrate too much on loss just yet but on getting enough fluids and protein.
  19. jaxx


    Surely if you were on nicotine replacement therapy ie patches or gum, you'd still have nicotine in your blood stream?
  20. jaxx

    Do you feel better?

    Lol I get asked this every time I tell someone I've lost 11 stone since my bypass. It's like being fat was an illness. I never know how to answer that question because I don't particularly feel any different other than I have more energy and (if you'll excuse the pun) it's like a huge weight has...