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  1. madstaffyblonde1


    My advise would be don't touch it I was always a binge drinker and only drank vodka n coke maybe 4 or 5 times a year, after bypass I changed, I didn't like the taste of vodka but I liked rose wine, before my bypass u could of offered me £5000 to drink a glass of wine n I would of turned u...
  2. madstaffyblonde1

    RNY - Weight Gain

    Omg Suzanne you are a life saver as like you I have gained weight, it is slowly but surley creeping back on and after having the op this is something I didnt think was possible, I can eat a whole sandwich, I can eat a jacket potato, and boxing day I went for a meal with family and eat 3 courses...
  3. madstaffyblonde1

    Feel So Humble

    I totally agree with Sam on this I had my bypass and a fleur de leyes tummy tuck all in a space of year and I will be forever in debt to the NHS for what it has given me but as Sam said there is still criteria to get funding and the NHS won't fund if it is for cosmetic reasons only which I agree...
  4. madstaffyblonde1

    Transfer Addiction :(

    Been out again with the hubby and we had a real In-depth chat about addictions and looking back I have been a very addictive person more than I ever thought and thank god my hubby has stood by me as this is now my 4th addiction he has had to get me through which I feel really guilty Over in the...
  5. madstaffyblonde1

    Transfer Addiction :(

    Well have been out for a lovely meal tonight n have admitted to my hubby that I have a problem :) he was upset that I hadnt talked to him about it but said that he knew and that was why he kept going On at me which he did but I explained to him that it only made me secretive and that I had been...
  6. madstaffyblonde1

    Transfer Addiction :(

    Thank you guys it's nice to no I'm not alone here, last night was really hard I was thinking of excuses to have a glass but there wasn't any, then when my hubby went to bed I got all excited but then thought the only person I will be foolng is myself so I had a coffee instead :). I haven't told...
  7. madstaffyblonde1

    Transfer Addiction :(

    I've been in contact with my bariatric team and with the support of friends and the support group I will get through this, it wasn't easy to admit as my support group knows it really upset me and I was really embarrass at the thought of what I had become but if I can save one person then it will...
  8. madstaffyblonde1

    Transfer Addiction :(

    We are all told about transfer addiction but never thought it would happen to me but hey it has big time :( I had my bypass in April 2010 and never thought of myself as addicted to food just a volume eater, after my bypass I dad really well reaching target and having plastics in less than a...
  9. madstaffyblonde1

    Just what do people say . . . ?

    I can't say I've had bad comments but I have been asked by customers at work if im ill, I just smile n say I'm fine :) I tell hu I feel comfortable telling n hu I feel need to no the truth and customers arnt my top priority :)
  10. madstaffyblonde1

    Your PCT and its position on tummy tucks

    They do advise 2years but my pct (BEN) funded my tt 11 months after my bypass ;)
  11. madstaffyblonde1

    Nhs Tummy Tuck advice

    I saw my gp and asked for referral the end of September 2010, I got an appointment with the plastics in October 10, was told I needed my bmi to be 25 it was 27, I managed to do this by Xmas 10 and was put on the waiting list, I had a fluer de leyes tt in march :). Nothing was mentioned to me...
  12. madstaffyblonde1

    can u still have a pint????

    I went on a all inclusive holiday around 8 weeks post op and would never do another purely because the food choices arnt very good unless u like ur food dripping in fat so I attually lived on fruit and soup for 2 weeks although I did have vodka n coke. Going all inclusive is to expensive, the...
  13. madstaffyblonde1

    Support meetings in birmingham

    The Walsall meeting is on the 20th
  14. madstaffyblonde1

    Hey all - waiting for the big date

    Hey Ryan and welcome ;) Why don't u come alOng to the Walsall massive support group the next one os 20th June at 7pm not only will you meet people that are at all different stages but also meet straight talking people that will tell you the truth about this amazing journey oh and we also have a...
  15. madstaffyblonde1

    Lumps n bruises???

    I'm the same Julie, my legs look like I've been in a car crash sometimes I have whacking big black/purple bruises and no clue how they got there so u are not alone lol
  16. madstaffyblonde1

    fleur de lis on monday so excited!

    Good luck, rest and enjoy ur new rum you will be amazed at the difference so don't forget ur before pics ;)
  17. madstaffyblonde1

    Boots Scales

    I always use them, I went to boots on the morning of my plastics apt and I'm so glad I did as the hospital scales weighed me heavier but when I showed him my print out he took the boots weight ;). I also have some digital scales at home that I use every day and there is only a 2lb difference ;)
  18. madstaffyblonde1

    A little bit about my journey!...(Walsall Manor Hospital)

    Hello and welcome :) Please please come to the support meeting, I would not have got through all the emotions, food issues ect without them :) don't be shy
  19. madstaffyblonde1

    What To Buy For Hospital Stay?

    Pj's might be a problem as you will have the drains in which in my case were very low so no knickers either, as for the support garments it depends what TT u are having if it's a fleur de leyes you will need a full body suit type which looks a bit like a swim suit. The things I used in the...
  20. madstaffyblonde1

    Members not being able to view other members photos

    In a recent post a member asked for some pics which are in my albums but when they couldnt view them I did ask admin about the members that could not see my pics, this has been looked into but pierce has ask me to ask the members that cannot see my pics to send him a message telling him what...