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  1. Roch

    Anyone at The Whittington?

    Hi guys i had my op nearly two yrs ago at the Whitt and i just want to say that the team at the Whitt are amazing pre and post op. Good luck to all of u who are having your op`s soon, take care xx
  2. Roch

    Memory loss

    I was told by my doc that low iron def leads to memory loss and also hair thinning but the hair thinning is also bypass related.Def go and c ur doc and ask them to check your iron count and any other things like b12.I lost so much hair around 6 months post op and my hair was so thin and it took...
  3. Roch

    Can't stop being sick and feeling sick

    Hi i had the same problem in the end i had to have weekly injections for a few months and that settled things.Pls def call your provider asap as not being able to keep fluids down is not good, when it comes to food i was told if i had any problems with any stage of food to go back a stage and...
  4. Roch


    Hi each hospital procedures are different but i would presume that if you are told you need an endoscopy and then u have an app for that dept then quite possibly its for the procedure.Have you received info about the procedure a they would not do a procedure without informing you of the two...
  5. Roch

    Been waiting for these surgery alomst 2years now wondering if they have forgotten me

    Hi Nikita, i had my op with Mr sufi and Barnet and Enfield pct are linked and from what i was told was that they stopped funding all elective operations. Call up and speak to Lorna she is Mr sufi`s secretary she will be able to let you know what is the situation. I dont think they have forgotten...
  6. Roch

    New referral

    Give Lorna a call back at the Whittington she has powers lol :) tell her Rochelle Moss says she has super wls powers lool :) maybe she could help u and get the referral back to the Whitt, i had major probs in the beginning of my wls journey and she was a gods send to me and truly helped me sort...
  7. Roch

    nausea getting me down :(

    Hi I had exactly the same prob and my team gave me anti sickness Meds, unfortunately that did not work for me so I was then given anti sickness injections which I gave myself weekly and that made such a diff to me, so pls speak to your team as soon as poss if the problem carries on xxxx
  8. Roch

    New referral

    Hi I am a Whittington girl I had my bypass 14 months ago. The after care there is absolutely amazing and the team is there one hundred percent to support u before And after. I have been one of the very few people who have complications post op and the treatment I have had at the Whittington is...
  9. Roch

    Second thoughts are getting my down

    Hi Allison, hun honestly it is so normal for you to have thoughts like that and i am sure most of us who r post oppers and especially for those of us who r mums we worry that bit more. All i can say is that if u look at the statistics for people having any kind of wls the percentage of people...
  10. Roch

    OMG - Can somebody help me???

    Whoooo whooo well done girl ur doing absolutely amazing and u look fab, what a massive difference from the girl i met last year xxxx
  11. Roch

    post op liquid diet

    Hi dont worry about not feeling any restriction, most people do not feel any proper restriction till they go on to solids.We never had to put foods into the blender just went from 2 weeks liquids to sloppys then2 weeks later being 4 weeks post op started introducing more textured less sloppy...
  12. Roch

    Neen-slimfast milkshake recipe??

    I make exactly the same but with protein shakes which and no milk and its about 98 cals and 20grms of protein, i add coffee or the sugar free syrups or sugar free flavourings that come in the little bottle in the cake making section as they r much cheaper than the sugar free syrups, although i...
  13. Roch

    Im gutted for me but happy for my friends

    Hi Sukies hun u will not have much or any restriction when ur on sloppys as they slide right down, once u start on the solids that is when ur going to notice the restriction, i am 13 months post op and have mega restriction, think i am backwards as the past 2 months my restriction has got much...
  14. Roch

    Im gutted for me but happy for my friends

    I think they might be telling u some porky pies lol i think the only way that someone could ever lose that weight is if they were about 50 stone as its highly impossible, i know people who were 32 stone and still they only lost 2 stone in 4 weeks,i stalled for 10 days lol. Just carry on what u...
  15. Roch

    Food is no longer a pleasure

    Hi plump33 just read ur post and u r so early post op i would not worry about it 2 much at the mo, keep a food diary and also comment on what probs ur having with specific foods so if in say in a few weeks time ur still having the same probs then def call ur team. Everyone heals at a different...
  16. Roch


    Ah thanks CC how r u doing girl long time no chat and r we ever going to meet up and girls ur making me blush :) well yes i have been hiding away from the world as my health has not been 2 good, its funny as when we have our op`s we think "the weight is going to drop off us and our health is...
  17. Roch

    Is it me or is it really quiet on here?

    Hun i just read ur post and although i dont know u i wanted to send u a(((( big cyber hug ))))and to tell you ur not alone and we all know how u feel. Things change so quickly, there is lot`s of light at the end of the tunnel, ur op may seem so far away but i promise u it does get better. Jan...
  18. Roch


    I have had 2 stretches and am very sure i need another one now 13 months post op, for me i had mega pain and serious nausea when i ate or drank, for me i needed a stretch was in a place i think lower to most people my stretch was right at the bottom of my oesophagus next to my bowel where my...
  19. Roch

    im in Pain

    Def sounds like trapped wind 2 me, i suffered so bad with it post bypass, one i was crying in pain for hours and i have a high pain threshold, try taking some meds for trapped wind, if ur ur taking meds in tablet form then try something like windeze, it was a life saver for me for the first 3...
  20. Roch

    Keep getting the urge!!!!

    Hun dont be depressed ur not alone on this journey, i was 28 stone and barely fit into a size 34 and that had to be stretch so i can totally relate to how u r feeling, u have started your wls journey and u wont be alone u have all the fab peeps on this site to c u along ur journey till u finally...