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  1. Bling Babe

    Surgery 19 September

    Happy surgiversary lovely lady, I had completely forgotten, what a transformation, you look more gorgeous every time I see you. Big hugs xxxxx
  2. Bling Babe

    Hi all only just found this site

    Welcome to the losers bench!! I’m glad your feeling pretty good, take care and keep on sip sip sip sipping, 12 weeks is a long time to be signed of work, I was off for 8 in total but Luton surgeon Mr. Jain gave me 2 weeks and told me to see my GP if I needed more which I do due to complications...
  3. Bling Babe

    Orlistat Post op

    I’m not sure this would be an answer because it discards the fat we eat but we are not supposed to be having a lot of fat, as @Sarnie says best contact your team, good luck
  4. Bling Babe

    Hi all only just found this site

    Thank you, hope all went well today, looking forward to your update xx
  5. Bling Babe


    Hi and welcome, where are you having your surgery? How are you finding the LSD? Are you on milk or food? Have you done plenty of research so your going in with your eyes wide open, most of the new diaries including mine are in the bronze section of this forum so keep on posting because once you...
  6. Bling Babe

    My story so far... (finally got my date!!)

    Wow that’s incredible @_Victoria_ , what an amazing transformation, well done, I’m so pleased that life is being good to you and your living the dream, saggy skin is a major downside to wls but we must celebrate the huge victories and benefits rather than focus on the skin, I’ve call my tummy...
  7. Bling Babe

    A Chance to Start Again

    Lovely to hear from you, it’s fabulous that all is going so well for you and your reaping the benefits of wls, I hope the new vicar sorts out some of the problems but in the meantime I’m glad all is going well with your NVQ, fantastic weight loss @OkieGirl just brilliant, isn’t it mind blowing...
  8. Bling Babe

    Hi all only just found this site

    Aw bless you, I found the milk diet fairly easy but pre-op I did mourn food I thought I’d never eat again but I ca eat just about anything it’s just about keeping it in moderation and I do try very hard not to give in to cakes, biscuits and chocolate but only because of the macros in them...
  9. Bling Babe

    At the start

    Good luck ! Let us know x
  10. Bling Babe

    Hi all only just found this site

    Hi and welcome which surgery are you having? I had a bypass at Luton in April 2018 and have no regrets although I do miss the food that got me into the position of needing wls and my head still wants huge portions but Percy (my pouch) obviously won’t let me, it’s far from easy but definitely no...
  11. Bling Babe

    6 days to go 😳😳

    It’s still early days, stay positive and you’ll get there, welcome to the losers bench!!! Take care get plenty of rest and keep on sipping xx
  12. Bling Babe

    2019 surgeons list

    Glad your feeling so well and getting on so well too xx
  13. Bling Babe

    Invite to group information session

    Hiya I think I’ve explained this on your other post, if not let me know x
  14. Bling Babe

    HI everyone Xx

    Absolutely, try to choose a less busy day (not sure how you’d know that because it can change from 1 minute to the next lol) and not for a couple of weeks as I’m flying to St. Lucia on Tuesday 🏝 xx
  15. Bling Babe

    HI everyone Xx

    I believe they have changed the way they do things, I THINK it’s shorter now but don’t quote me on that xx
  16. Bling Babe

    HI everyone Xx

    I saw him 30th March 2017, my MDT was 1st August 2017 and had my surgery 5th April 2018. I think timescales have changed now though xx
  17. Bling Babe

    HI everyone Xx

    The clinician went through my medical history, asked me if I really wanted wls and understood what it involved then said he’d be happy to put me forward for it if that what I really wanted x
  18. Bling Babe

    HI everyone Xx

    I have replied on your other post regarding this question x
  19. Bling Babe

    HI everyone Xx

    Once your on your food introduction programme you can monitor your own weight and change your intake accordingly, I was also in danger of going below the required BMI, I mean really close because I lost 2.5 stone on tier 3 but I jiggled my intake accordingly. At my MDT I was told they go by the...
  20. Bling Babe

    HI everyone Xx

    From my experience once you’ve been invited to your MDT (group session) your on tier 4 xx