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  1. purplefluffything

    February Operations

    Should have gone in today for my bypass/sleeve op would have had op tomorrow though.. I did put a thread on here yesterday explaining why.. I will be in hospital on Wednesday but for a procedure on my back again. Good luck & best wishes to everyone here having your ops this month also take care...
  2. purplefluffything

    Op on hold....!

    Dear friends, I know most of you about my intrthecal pain pump.. Recently iv had quiet a few problems with it.. The most recent one is called a CFS leak which has caused a hygoma And also side effects! The CFS is cerable spinanal fluid usually they only leak if you have had a spinal injection...
  3. purplefluffything


    The very best of luck to you.. Take it easy and may you recover without problems or much pain x Hugs xx
  4. purplefluffything

    A specila post for the Jewel in our Crown - The lovely BEV.

    Iv not been so good so only just seen this thread. I would like to say good luck Bev all the very best and here's to a painless quick recovery. Do take it easy lots of TLC xx Thinking of you.. Hugs xx
  5. purplefluffything

    February Operations

    My surgery date is 15th feb but due to being unwell it may have to be cancled until I'm over this as I had minor but painful surgery on my back again yesterday (Friday..!) Iv done well on pre op diet I've lost a stone & almost half .. My bmi as gone from 42.7 to 38 I'm just wanting to lose as...
  6. purplefluffything

    One year today I had my bypass

    Morning Michelle, I would just like to say congratulations and so very well done.. Michelle you will lose the other 8 stone you have proved you can already do this by losing a massive 12 stone...! Well done you are an inspiration to me and many others here at this lovely site... Have a lovely...
  7. purplefluffything

    convinced myself bad things will happen

    Hi Claire , I'm feeling exactly like you, my op is just over 3 weeks away I'm terrified .. I put a thread out similar to yours about two weeks ago asking if anyone had cancled due to being scared ect.. I have a disability and my consultant Actualy told me I'm high risk because the life long...
  8. purplefluffything

    O/T op...!

    Thank you for being so supportive Dawn. It's very positive and a great sigh if of relief to hear wls is not as bad as spinal ;). Unfortunatly due to the levels iv had done and the state of my spine the surgeon (& second opinion) won't touch my back anymore it is beyond repair now due to what...
  9. purplefluffything

    O/T op...!

    Update on hospital visit yesterday.. I had extensive investigations which were very uncomfortable for me (although my consultant & his staff look after me as though I'm 'VIP') He thinks iv had a leak at the site where the cathter enters the intrathecal space this has been Causing the CFS loss...
  10. purplefluffything

    O/T op...!

    Thank you Lisa, what a beautiful thing to say to me.. Lisa I will hopefully been back in swalecliffe/hernebay by April or May, my brother will be going to my parents holiday caravan in march just to air things ect & then it will be ready for me & my parents, my husband don't like holidays much...
  11. purplefluffything

    O/T op...!

    Grace thank you for the cuddles they are much needed xx Gaynor thank you also for the support and good luck.. Well today I will at least begin to get this sorted.. Just don't want to be in hospital more ...:( Hugs to all xx
  12. purplefluffything

    O/T op...!

    What wonderful people you all are here! I feel I could cry my eyes are stinging.. You have all got back to me to comfort me regardless to whether you have an answer for me!! Thank you for all your well wishes, hugs, cuddles ... I mean it from my heart thank You for trying to help And just being...
  13. purplefluffything

    O/T op...!

    Evening, just looking for someones ear...;) Iv for the last 2 weeks had more health worry?? Iv had a large swelling come up on my back right over were the scar is were my morphine/ clonidine pump catheter is implanted... It could be cerablespinal fluid leak & or the medication from the pump...
  14. purplefluffything

    Cancled but not to sad..!

    I was given both diets and can choose which one I want, I think the low carb food for me, it wil be to long without chewing otherwise specialy due to the post op liquid diet.
  15. purplefluffything

    Cancled but not to sad..!

    By the way have you any idea what diet your going to do? I started to cut down a week ago but it's this weekend it's for real ..
  16. purplefluffything

    Cancled but not to sad..!

    Hi there glad to hear you have your date and glad your over the moon.. Iv got nerves at the moment, I did put this on another thread.. Mr sufi called me again a few days ago and explained to me one day after operating on me he will be out of the country for a few days with his anaesthetist...
  17. purplefluffything

    surgery date jan 11

    Best luck in the world xx
  18. purplefluffything


    I think it is when a bypass/sleeve patient finds it difficult to eat and need part of their stomach stretch so food can pass through.. Think that's roughly what it is. I'm sure someone who has had this done will come along and explain better than me.. Hugs xx
  19. purplefluffything

    Anyone ever come close to cancelling op!

    Hi Tracey I'm unsure about my surgeon, people here have had him including 'Roch' iv heard he did lose a patient a few yrs ago when doing wls but she had things wrong with her apparently? My surgeon called me yesterday to explain why iv been put back a week, he said he has a meeting In Belgium...