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  1. Sarnie

    My secret band diary

    So sad to be reading this, sounds like you've had a rough time with your band, many people convert from band to bypass or sleeve with success, so it's not selfish to be considering it. Good luck with whatever you choose x
  2. Sarnie

    My Journey in Pictures (Gastric Band)...20st1lb too...

    Thanks for sharing your precious son with us, he certainly was a fighter to be proud of. My heart breaks for you, bless your heart, sending the biggest hugs to you xx
  3. Sarnie

    Surgery 19 September

    You look fabulous Maria, so pleased for you. Xx
  4. Sarnie

    Surgery 19 September

    You look fabulous Maria, so pleased for you. Xx
  5. Sarnie

    word association

  6. Sarnie

    Meal ideas!?

    There are loads, depends what you're looking for, just Google whatever you're looking for and loads of things will come up.
  7. Sarnie

    James cook seminars

    I'm not with that hospital and all hospitals have different ways of doing things, but I wasn't allowed to gain any weight while on the program, from what I saw they wouldn't kick you off, but it could delay surgery until to lose and maintain your required weight loss. I didn't have seminars at...
  8. Sarnie

    Surgery 19 September

    So pleased for you Maria, I hope all is healing well. Would be great to see photos when your ready. Xx
  9. Sarnie

    A Chance to Start Again

    What a great post, you really are doing fantastic hun, lovely photo too, you look so happy xx
  10. Sarnie

    Food Game

  11. Sarnie

    Meeting the anaethetist

    I was lucky, I had one to one sessions. I don't know why they sometimes do group ones, maybe it's when they have a lot of patients at one time coming into the clinic and it saves time, it's the only thing I can think of. I don't think it's a good idea really, you need one on one appointments to...
  12. Sarnie

    Meeting the anaethetist

    The not knowing what is really going on is pretty much everyone's experience I think, you just have to go with whatever they require you to do and keep your eye on the prize x
  13. Sarnie

    Meeting the anaethetist

    I had my surgery last April. I must admit going through the process it did all seem vauge to me, never really knew until I got my date of it was ever going to happen, you just have to go with the flow and do what they require you to do, I'd say if you've seen the anesthetist then surgery will...
  14. Sarnie

    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you 😊 I lost weight in T3 pretty easily, they gave me a plan to follow, but I did my own thing, I follow Dr V on YouTube, he's an American bariatric surgeon, he recommends green smoothies for breakfast and protein and salad for lunch and basically whatever you like for dinner, but...
  15. Sarnie

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi, I didn't have a redo, but I did have my op at Luton Hospital, I was under them for exactly a year, 1st appointment 17th April 2018, surgery day 16th April 2019. I had a gastric bypass with Mr Jambulingham, all went well with no complications at all. In that year I lost 10 stone, 2 stone...
  16. Sarnie

    I’m starting my journey omg

    I'm not sure but I think you'll be on a 12 month program because your BMI is under 50. I had one to one sessions at the end of T3, so I can't help with what happens with the group sessions x
  17. Sarnie

    I’m starting my journey omg

    Reading on here, it seems like they keep changing things all the time. I was told they stopped the group sessions, that's why I had one on one sessions, but now I read people are having group sessions! x
  18. Sarnie

    Meeting the anaethetist

    I thought they stopped the group sessions, that's what I was told, I had one to one sessions, each one an hour long, which I personally think is better than a group session. I saw the anesthetist when I was on T4, then 2 months later saw the surgeon who gave me a date for surgery, which was only...
  19. Sarnie


    I did feel some hunger early on and still do now if I go too long without food. The hunger gets better when you start eating proper solid food, as the liquids tend to slide through to easily x
  20. Sarnie

    Does anyone else itch!?!

    I have read that other people have suffered itching post op, so it might be a thing, you're definitely not the only one. x