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  1. Turps

    Pain 6 days post op getting worse

    I'm glad you found out the issue. That post op period can be so scary as we adjust to our new stomachs. But I hope you're still resting!
  2. Turps

    Pre op 4 week milk diet help.....

    When I was doing my milk diet no added sugar chocolate crusha saved me. Plain milk just got so boring, so the chocolate hit the spot. Good luck, the milk diet can be hard, but it's so worth it.
  3. Turps

    Gastric Bypass surgery on the NHS

    I had my operation done at Sunderland on the NHS, but they've changed the guidelines since I started. But, I can tell you how I went on anyway. It was my doctor who referred me. They were aware I'd battled with my weight lifelong so when my doctor wanted to weigh me and I was too heavy for the...
  4. Turps

    Sam's Musings

    I had the veggie version of that last week, and managed four of the notmeat balls and some mash. I've been out to eat a few times with my husband and have been ordering bunless chicken burgers that usually come with a small side salad instead, but still hate the waste of money when I'm only...
  5. Turps

    Gastric Bypass surgery 10th November 2016

    That's fantastic to read. Now rest up, heal and keep sipping.
  6. Turps


    Thanks for linking that article. I remember laughing with my sister when she came home and told us what the dietician had said, but she did go out and get the mane and tail, though had to go online to do so. It seems like such out there advice, but reading the article, it looks like it's not at...
  7. Turps

    BMI 62, can I not get gastric bypass in uk!!

    It looks like you've got some answers, but due to my high BMI I had to have a balloon first, and then once I'd lost some weight had the mini bypass. Good luck going forward.
  8. Turps

    Sam's Musings

    That's some great positive health news for you there! But the counselling situation is ridiculous. I've read your reply to Fee, so hope you do get a good match, and sooner rather than later.
  9. Turps

    Eek, is there a February surgery thread yet?!

    Oh wow. How exciting. Good luck!
  10. Turps

    Worried I will get rejected for surgery

    I agree with @starryeyed if you're truthful you should get approved. I was with a different NHS provider, but despite having no co morbidities my bmi was so high I was approved anyway. Just had to show a lot of commitment to change beforehand.
  11. Turps


    Hello and welcome. I can't answer lots of your questions as I had a bypass and my provider had very different stages to yours post op, for example, I was on puree for a month two days post op. Vitamin wise, I take centrum chewables, they have everything my provider says I need and were easy to...
  12. Turps

    Want2b3 post op inputs

    I'm having a quick check of diaries and am thrilled to see you've had your op and are doing okay. I remember how worried you were beforehand, so it's lovely to see you on the other side. How are you feeling now? Is the pain gone completely?
  13. Turps

    Sam's Musings

    Your break away sounds fantastic, well, apart from the missing massage. But that consultant's appointment was ridiculous, especially talking in the corridor! Fingers crossed for your extension.
  14. Turps

    Feeling dreadful- sickly burps and bloated. Anyone help?

    I'm glad you're feeling better, and yes, I think a diary is a good idea. I love reading them, and find it really helps writing in mine, both the good and the bad.
  15. Turps

    Sam's Musings

    I'm glad to read your mouth is feeling better, hopefully your virus is on its way out, too. I sounds like a break away is just what you need, I hope you enjoy every moment of relaxation and pampering.
  16. Turps

    Waiting for Surgery Date

    I found it got better about three days in, so hopefully you'll be hitting that point soon. Fingers crossed you're feeling better.
  17. Turps

    All booked and now on that road of no return

    I loved what you said about your coat so much. Your happiness shone through with every word.
  18. Turps

    Food stuck - help!!

    That sounds horrible. Are you feeling better now?
  19. Turps


    You're right there. Sunderland are very anti-ibuprofen. I was even told I couldn't use the ibuprofen gel I'd been prescribed for my knee.
  20. Turps


    I had a bypass and had to buy my own multi vitamins and have been getting Centrum advance chewable. I was also prescribed calcium and iron supplements from the doctors. As well as needing a B12 injection every three months. I didn't have a liquid phase, just went straight onto puree and...