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    Corned beef

    I agree with @Bling Babe 100g was my guideline post op, although I'm sleeved, it was the same advice for bypass too. It took me a while to get to that point though but adding gravy should make it easier to eat. Just go slowly and remember the 20 20 20 guidelines. I now want some corned beef...
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    Weigh In at the Bander's Cafe!

    Hi @Neticak, it's good to have you back and boy have you been through it! I'm not sure how many banders are still around but hopefully someone will come along soon and say hello x
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    Which food logging app/site do you use?

    I use Myfitnesspal but was recommended Baritastic but I didn't really get on with it x
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    Help please?

    @Parsnip and @Awalsh90 this thread was posted in January last year. It's a shame no one commented at the time, so thanks for replying now but the original poster is no longer active :D
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    Long Termers

    Oh that's good news TB x
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    Long Termers

    Oh dear TB it could be dumping, that's certainly how it effects me anyway, feeling or being sick then, feeling wiped out. It could have been the strawberries or the yoghurt but sometimes it's not obvious what caused it. Try not to let it worry you though as hopefully it'll be an isolated...
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    Newbie to the forum and to my 1 week old pouch!

    Oh no, hope you feel better soon x Many of us have diaries on here, they're a great way of charting your journey and as you say, helping others :D
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    Newbie to the forum and to my 1 week old pouch!

    Whichever one you want to use @jules2, some people want to reflect their heaviest weight as the starting point and others the day of surgery weight. Sound advice from the nurse, it's all about healing for now, moving little and often and keeping your fluids up. The dietitian will no doubt have...
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    Newbie to the forum and to my 1 week old pouch!

    Hello and welcome @jules2! I'm really glad you've found us and look forward to hearing how you're getting on in the next few weeks. 20.5 lbs is an incredible start xx
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    Hi Everyone not been on for a while MGB/gallbladder sunderland royal 7th aug 2018

    Wow! what an incredible transformation :D
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    Homerton or private?

    Hello and welcome! I cant answer your questions re waiting times at your local hospital but do they still do the band there for NHS patients? The waiting times do tend to be long and before you even get put forward, you'll have to go to various appointments (tier 3). The appointments are a...
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    Long Termers

    Well done for trying the tuna and now you know what restriction feels like too! There's nothing wrong with being cautious, slow and steady and all that. Just take things at your own pace and stop as soon as you feel full xx
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    Long Termers

    Hi TB, I'm so sorry to hear you're in so much pain with your shoulder. It sounds like its going to take some time to repair so you really need to take care of yourself while it does. Easy to say I know but you and your health has to come first so please don't over do it with work. Zinc...
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    Long Termers

    Hey TB @tranquil_butterfly, how are things, any news about your shoulder? xx
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    Liquid diet help

    Hello and welcome! The pre op diet is really hard for the first few days but if that's what you've been asked to do, its vital that you stick to it. Only your surgeon can advise on an alternative, so your best bet is to contact them. You'll be on a liquid diet post op for a couple of weeks...
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    Long Termers

    Oh no TB, I'm so sorry. Sending you gentle hugs and healing vibes xx
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    Waiting times at kings college london

    Hello and welcome! Sorry, I cant answer your question but it sounds like you're well on your way x
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    Long Termers

    Hello @starryeyed :D
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    Long Termers

    Bless you lovely. It sounds like your hair is suffering as a result of the trauma you've been through. I hope your friend can get it looking nice for you x Do you take vitamins, I know you said you've had some bloods done recently, maybe they'll show something that needs addressing? They'll...
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    Long Termers

    Its great to have you back TB and I hope we can all support you on this leg of your journey. Since converting to a sleeve, I've not really posted much (apart from early days) and stuck to moderating, for my sins. My fellow sleevers/bypassers from 2016 have all but gone. As for the 2009 crew...