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  1. Hannah2

    second attempt

    @Jillybean8 good luck! Hope it goes ok. Bit of advice..... the drink they give you for the leak test can cause the runs!!! Anything from 20 min to hours afterwards. If you feel like you have wind it might not just be wind! I had my test about 18.00 and woke at about 4 am with wind.... luckily...
  2. Hannah2

    WL Surgery 100% on my own

    Sorry to hear about your struggles, good that you got the referral privately for cardiology and hopefully they will be able to cover the tests that you need. For the gynae issues whilst it is frustrating that if something has to be done it may delay your WLS the important thing is that your...
  3. Hannah2

    A question for the ladies

    Don't worry about it, I was too and they gave me a pad to put on the disposable knickers! Trust me that after the op you won't be focussed on it at all. Make sure you tell the nurses.
  4. Hannah2

    Sleeve in Czech

    Sorry to read this but at least the checks were done and your health is more important. I would have thought the NHS timeframe would be at least 12 months with you having to meet certain targets along the way. Your other post says that surgery in the U.K. is out of your price range but could...
  5. Hannah2

    Struggling on the Milk - weight went up

    Hi @Rny_Shell Sorry to hear you are struggling. Please remember that the LRD is just that, it is a liver reducing diet! It is not the amount of weight you lose that is important but what is happening to your liver inside! Absolutely contact your provider to see what they say. I have heard...
  6. Hannah2

    Thinking about surgery

    Welcome to the losers bench! Follow your providers guidelines, keep sip sip sipping your fluids and keep your protein intake up. Drinking will gradually get easier. Rest and take it easy, lots of healing going on inside!
  7. Hannah2

    Just over seven and half years sleeved.

    Thank you @tiarasandtantrums it is so good to hear back from longtermers to see how people are doing further out on their journey. Good luck with your knee surgery. @SAM55 has just had the same surgery. Well done and all the best!
  8. Hannah2

    Sam's Musings

    Hi @SAM55 how are you? Hope you are ok. Hugs H2x :hugs:
  9. Hannah2

    Problems eating after second fill

    Hi @Julie Scott how are you getting on now?
  10. Hannah2

    Sleeve in Czech

    Good luck! Hope it goes ok.
  11. Hannah2

    Op tomorrow morning

    Hope it goes ok
  12. Hannah2

    Sam's Musings

    Hope you sort cpap issues out soon. Good that you have the caters for a shower and a hot meal. Hope you continue to improve H2x
  13. Hannah2

    ....and so it all begins!

    Good luck!
  14. Hannah2

    9 days to go - and scared

    Peppermint tea for settling stomach and for wind! Make sure you have as much protein as poss after the op - add milk powder (like marvel) to your soups, or grated cheddar cheese to increase protein. Your dietician should advise what levels you are aiming for. Watch your sugar levels - dumping...
  15. Hannah2

    9 days to go - and scared

    @Jillybean8 i am really really shocked that you are so close to surgery with so little knowledge! The fact that you asked if you will ever be able to eat a normal sized meal again tells me that you have no clue what you are about to get yourself into! This really worries me! This is life...
  16. Hannah2

    Surgery 19 September

    Fingers crossed stopping the meds works. I had trouble with feeling light headed but found i needed to make sure I had a mid morning and mid afternoon snack and that sorted it out.
  17. Hannah2

    Sam's Musings

    Glad you are home @SAM55 hope you slept better at home.
  18. Hannah2

    Problems eating after second fill

    Please contact your provider and take the advice from @Mazza and @Oopseydaisy they know what they are talking about. Good luck.
  19. Hannah2

    Sam's Musings

    :badmood: Hope the x-ray gives good news @SAM55
  20. Hannah2

    Sam's Musings

    Did you decide on which option to go for? Spinal or general? Hope my post didn't put you off.... I survived :confused: