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  1. FeeBee

    Shrinking from 25 stone......

    It's going in the right direction lovely x
  2. FeeBee

    Sam's Musings

    Hey lovely I'm struggling following my own latest surgery and the on going follow ups/implications for the rest of life and life expectancy and not posting much for similar reasons I suspect. I'm thinking of you x
  3. FeeBee

    Jumping for joy.

  4. FeeBee

    Sam's Musings

    Yeah hugs from me too. I hope you're ok xx
  5. FeeBee

    Sam's Musings

    I hope you're continuing to heal well. I'm not sure how I'd have felt about them leaving the bit of drain in though, what a lot for you to deal with :(
  6. FeeBee


    I had quite bad reflux for years before I had the sleeve. I opted for that for several reasons not least because potential malabsorption with a bypass would have messed with a lot of other medications I'm on and will always be on. Plus I have bowel issues and had various procedures so fiddling...
  7. FeeBee

    Sam's Musings

    Very best of luck today. Thinking of you x
  8. FeeBee

    Sam's Musings

    Well done you, that's great to read x
  9. FeeBee

    Hi all from Cornwall

    Hello and good luck x
  10. FeeBee

    Sam's Musings

    Well I'm glad the pre op went well but I can understand your reluctance about having a spinal rather than a general. Hopefully you can get this sorted before the day of your op x
  11. FeeBee

    Unfortunately, I'm back.

    I'm not surprised you're furious. I'm so sorry :(
  12. FeeBee

    New to group. Surgery in 2 weeks gastric bypass

    Hello and welcome :)
  13. FeeBee

    Surgery 19 September

    Yep it's rubbish but it will pass quite quickly x
  14. FeeBee

    Surgery 19 September

    So great to hear from you :) Well done!
  15. FeeBee

    Sam's Musings

    That's great, you sound like you're in organising mode now :)
  16. FeeBee

    3 years today my life changed

    Well done you!
  17. FeeBee

    Surgery 19 September

    I hope it's going/gone well x
  18. FeeBee


    I normally go mid morning so have had overnight oats with fruit and chai seeds a couple of hours before and then a protein bar after if I'm hungry :)
  19. FeeBee

    Surgery 19 September

    Good luck @Maria61 you're nearly there x
  20. FeeBee

    New from West Sussex BMI 50+

    Hello, welcome and the very best of luck x