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  1. los in it

    Hello, I'm totally new to this so here goes...

    Hello a d thank you for sharing your story I had a bypass and it was the BEST thing I'd ever done it gave me my life back and then some I'm not on here as much as I use to be (lighter body new life!) but will check in on you from time to time
  2. los in it

    Hello, new to the group

    Hello all the very best
  3. los in it

    Food Game

  4. los in it

    Newbie from Lincolnshire looking for people on a similar journey

    overall I have to say itsi the Best thing iveI ever done its given me a life I only dreamed off more ups than downs and the downs are less than the fingers on one hand i I was lucky as I did resesres everything so felt very at ease with the whole process and went in eyes wide open and according...
  5. los in it


    Hello biker babes Well done on becoming a post opper! It's only been a few weeks post op your insides have been re plumped and is kind of in shock and I think been tired is a way of of the body recovering but getting some protein in is not a bad idea I'm guessing at this stage youreating very...
  6. los in it

    At the start

    Hello and welcome Wishing all the very best for 2018
  7. los in it

    Getting back on track after taking my eye off the ball

    Need to make new routine up while I'm on my Christmas break, try using my will power to beat the dreaded head demons I should be able to say no to the chocs I do any other time I guess because it's "Christmas" I'm using that as an excuse to binge ( in its new meaning as I really can't binge...
  8. los in it

    Getting back on track after taking my eye off the ball

    I get the picking at food bits I know that I work best with routines ie get up have breakfast drink at work lunch home dinner snack drink and bed but bing off for the Christmas break as messed this up I'm grazing all day gym been closed so not getting my gym session in(walking instead) I can't...
  9. los in it

    Getting back on track after taking my eye off the ball

    It's been a while since I last was on here and I've been OK ish in myself or at least that's what I tell my family and friends but I feel the whole trying to maintain my eating as so what lapsed its around 3 years post bypass and I can eat more therefore I'm eating more the lowest I've got was...
  10. los in it

    Op tomorrow morning

    That must be heart breaking for you I wish I could wave a wand and change everything for you
  11. los in it

    Newbie Post

    Warm greetings
  12. los in it

    3 years today my life changed

    I remember the puree stage oh my goodness the first bite of runny shepherds pie was just bliss! Had a very small ramekin dish but it was heaven on a plate!
  13. los in it

    Newbie considering which WLS and very eager to get going!

    I started off wanting the band because that's what I heard the most about but once seeing the pre team at homerton I started leaning towards the bypass as it suited me more and I've never had any regrets with my choice All I can say is do your research, talk to people in your support group and...
  14. los in it

    3 years today my life changed

    Thank you all for your kind comments it means a lot x
  15. los in it

    3 years today my life changed

    Been a while since I last logged in so much has happened and a lot is still the same it's three years ago I had my bypass this time three years ago I was in homerton hospital recovering from my op and itching to start my new life everything has been " textbook" And have reached the goals set for...
  16. los in it

    Brown wee!!! And no poo... Do I jst need more water???

    You Deffo need to drink more I had my first poo about 8 days after my op...had to drink LOADS of prune juice and pop over the counter pills from boots... Very painful wouldn't wish it on anyone so my advise Drink more Drink prune juice Get some over the counter pills Get medical advise All the...
  17. los in it

    Food Game

  18. los in it

    Food Game

  19. los in it

    Bypass yesterday

    Welcome to the Losers bench!