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    One year ago today...

    Well done Andy you look great xx
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    just added new pics

    Hi Highspirit glad you are doing well nice to hear from you xx
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    What do you use?

    Thank you all for your replies, i am useing palmers coco butter for my body, will go to aldis tomorrow and get some face cream xx
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    What do you use?

    Thanks Penelope, Its too early too think of surgery just wanted some thing to help me along xx
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    What do you use?

    Hi all, Just wondering what creams/oils you use on your body to help tone up your skin. Also what face creams do you use? Ive been standing in shops looking at creams and not knowing which one to get:cry: so any help would be great:) Thanks Nicky xx
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    Home after surgery and....

    Great to hear you are feeling better
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    My dad passed away.

    So sorry for your lost cicca, sending big Hughes xxxxx
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    All done and dusted

    Well done Nicky wishing you a speedy recovery xxx
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    50 Ibs gone feeling great

    Well done Jenny keep them lbs coming xx
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    in the 15s

    Well done Paula great loss xxx
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    Operation Date

    yeppie at last Nicky, it will fly by xxx
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    My Achievements this year....

    wow well done Sarah that's a great loss xx
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    100LBS GONE!!

    well done Paula great loss xx
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    Best Christmas Pressie EVER!!!

    wow what a loss Toby well done xx
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    Im done..

    woop woop for snx i'm moving up that bench congrates hun wishing you a speedy recovery xxx
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    Two stones gone in a month !!!!!!

    WOW well done Jenny xx
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    I'm a man - Surgery schedule for 8th Jan

    Hello Jim welcome to the site xx
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    A year ago today..

    Well done Andy what a great year it has been xxxx
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    Now the nerves are setting in....

    Hi Nicky, Thats gone so quick and the next 5 days will go even quicker, I've started to move down the bench for you good luck hun
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    From fat to slim

    Well done Penny yoou look fab xx