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Cream Cheese.

Mrs Quiggle

New Member
My Mums been making her own cream cheese for a while and suggested I make some as it's virtually fat free and yummy.

All she does is put a large pot of virtually fat free natural yogurt into a clean tea towel. (she brought a new one for the purpose and washed it before first use) Then you gather the edges up and tie together and hang it over a bowl. Leave it for 24 hours so that all the liquid drips out and what you have left is yummy cream cheese the texture of philly. You can add salt, herbs garlic etc at this stage then pot it up and chill.

This is fab for making cheesecake and if you use splender too it's great for non dumping. Or you can spread it on melba toast etc.

Kate x


Love my sleeve!!
wow! thanks for that Kate!! :) xxx

Big an Bouncy

New Member
Great tip Kate I will deffo try this one!Im thinking herbs and garlic!Maz x


Love my sleeve!!


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It sounds so simple to make, even I could try it and not make a hash of it! Thank you Kate.