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Ryanair seatbelts


New Member

So I know I'm big. I' in the process of losing (currently 23 stone ish and 5ft 11)- I fit fine on the virgin plane i flew last week there and back with an extender only needed on the return flight.. It was a bit tight but plane seats are.

However I am terrified of the Ryanair flight I have in a week. I should fit in the seat especially cause I'm sitting next to a friend but I'm terrified about the seatbelt.

I spoke to Ryanair livechat and they said the belts are 30 inches and the extender only adds 14 inches max (which seems really small compared to other planes. I always thought extenders added like 20 inches!) I' even more scared now that i won' fit EVEN with an extendor. Has anyone got any Ryanair experience?