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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Friendly Chicken & Veg Soup

Ready For Change

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Last night I boiled carrot, swede, potato, parsnip, cabbage, leek, onion and herbs; I also boiled 4 chicken portions in a separate pan so any fat didn't mix with veg. When the chicken was cooked I took all the skin off, picked it off the bone (without sneaking a nibble or 2 which is a real achievement for me) I then added all ingredients into my slow cooker to finish off. When it was done like a chunky chicken & veg soup I blended the life out of it! I class it as purée. It's all frozen into little 2oz pots that i got from eBay (50 for £6 Inc p&p) ready for when I'm at that stage in my journey. I just hope it tastes as delicious as it smelled.
Although I've cooked and frozen this now can anyone advise me if this will be ok for purée stage or will it cause any unwanted side effects?
Katie xxx