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Tinned stewed steak...

chubby funster

New Member
So I've moved on to puree after my first week post op appoointment this afternoon (a week already!?!).

One of the suggested foods to puree is tinned meat as it's already extremely tender, so I "treated" myself to a tin of princes stewed steak, which quite frankly was delicious!

Do you think I could blitz the rest of the tin and then freeze it in portions?

Thanks for helping me and my simple mind!

Big an Bouncy

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Get tins of Irish Stew,open and lift off any fatand some potato then blitz or mash.59p in B and M and tasty.I lived off them during first weeks!


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Been living on Asda smart price ready meals, they blitz up lovely, just add a bit more gravy to slop them up a bit. Sausage n mash pie thingy, cottage pie and the fish pie will wait until tomorrow, not sure how to doctor that one yet. You can divide the meat ones into 4 and add some baked beans too, nice taste but not good for your friends LOL!! xx
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chubby funster

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Thanks for the tips!! As for veins.... Eurgh!!!!


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i've started my puree stage today stewed steak smash and a cheese triangle all mashed together ............i took my time and it went down very nicely ;) tuna and light mayo and mash for me tomorrow :D:D:D:D:D

Miss Tickle

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I haven't tried tinned steak but had a shepherds pie which I blitzed and froze in ice cube trays. For my soft stage I've had a tin of mince which I froze , again in the ice cube trays. It mashes well and tastes great. It's lasted me yonks though as I'm still only able to manage a total of 4 tablespoons per sitting. I am building up the quantity steadily though !