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3 weeks i'll be at a YEAR!!! cant believe it!!!!


Live Laugh Love!
I wouldn't have guessed your weight either but seeing your hight I'm not surprised noone can guess lol, you look absolutely stunning well done you! Xxx

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Thank you so much:D I feel like its as good and bad thing to look thinner then my weight shows because in my head i WANT to be 155lbs but noone in my life right now thinks i should lose anymore weight they say i should just remove the skin and i'll be set. I think right now i'm just focusing on living the life i havent been able to with all that weight holding me back. I hope everyone on this site ALL the best with their weightloss goals. Its an amazing journey and It teacvhes you so much. Best of luck everyone in 2012 and on!!!:flirt2: I cant wait to see your before and after pics!!!