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Band to Bypass - Spire Bushey


My name is Sharon and back in 2011 I had a gastric band through The Hospital Group at Dolan Park in Tardebigge. I initially was doing well but never seemed to find my sweet spot and only lost about 2 1/2 stone suffering with a lot of stickage so I made bad food choices with slider foods.

11 years later and I still suffer with stickage, especially with eating out so I have decided to get rid of the evil band and have a bypass.

I contacted The Hospital Group (now called Transform) and spoke to a lady and was emailed some information and the cost was nearly £15,000 with the nearest clinic being Solihull about an hour from me. I follow a girl on IG and she had had her surgery done by Simon Monkhouse at Spire Gatwick so I contacted him. Unfortunately he does not do band to sleeve/bypass proceedures as you need an ICU but he recommend Tonic.

I had details send (cost £12,000 for a sleeve or £12,600 for a bypass) and had a consultation with a surgeon called Omer Al-Taan. He answered all my questions and we discussed things I hadn't considered and he recommended a bypass as a) I am type 2 diabetic and b) I have suffered from acid reflux for years. His normal place of work is Luton but I am having the op at Spire Bushey near Watford as the date available was perfect for me. It's 2 1/2 hour drive but can't be helped.

My op date is 26th August with the LRD starting 14th August (should be 14 days but I am away in London for the weekend).


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Hi Sharon

Nice to see you back here and good luck with the next stage of your journey :D

There's a brilliant WLS community on Instagram isn't there? I follow lots of people who had their surgery with Tonic and they speak really highly of them, especially the aftercare which is perhaps something that wasn't as good back when we had our bands.

Take care and I hope the LRD isn't too bad x