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Engaged... Weddings scare me!


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My other half, Tony proposed on April Fools Day...I'm sure there is a joke there somewhere!

I have to admit, the thought of having a lavish wedding terrifies me.
In my group of friends i'm know as the 'Loud/Funny one' ... But i am actually shy.

I want to be Tony's wife. :bananalove:

I love the idea of having loved ones around me whilst we exchange our vows, but not the speeches/white dress/tiaras...

So ideas please!

Tony and i love family BBQs in the summer and something along these lines, might be the way forward.... We only have a small budget.


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Congrats on the engagement.

I went to a lovely wedding last summer in a hotel on a beach front. They had a terrace and great BBQ. Only about 30 people were invited and it was just lovely.

I'm sure once you start looking around and checking out some wedding sites and magazines you'll be full of suitable ideas. Enjoy it x


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Congratulations :D

A party in the garden with a bbq and close friends and family sounds perfect.

The main thing is to do something you'll both enjoy. I've done the whole white wedding thing and personally i wouldn't want it again as i felt like i had to spread myself too thin and didn't get to spend time with my loved ones. Although i do love a good wedding as a guest :p

Enjoy yourself whatever you decide :)


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My wedding was organised and executed in 6 weeks. We had a registery office wedding (maximum 45 guests) then had the party at my mother in laws house after.

There are some pubs that have gardens that you can hire privately so if your planning on a few more guests than are comfy in your house/garden that maybe a way forward. A lot of catering companies will organise and provide a chef for the bbq as well.

If you want a small affair then registery offices or a small local venue (you just need to hire the celebate) is a cheaper option than a church. This also means no one will be expecting you too wear a meringue either. British home stores, debenhams and marks now do off the peg wedding attire and if your after somthing a bit out of the ordinary you could always go for a theme or even fancy dress.

Flowers are simple just get your local florist (if you want fresh ) or find your local silk flower supplier and either make your own or ask them to make your bouquets. If you don't want loads of bridesmaids stick to a best friend and dont have little ones.

Take care



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I got married at Halloween to my Trev last year! We had both been married before and there was no way we wanted a stressful day, worrying about clothes/speeches/p's n q's etc...

In the end we took the easy way out, we had a registrar do and told people to come comfortable - jeans and t-shirts were acceptable. We had a taxi to the register office, nice clothes but nothing fancy... Then went off to the local Wing Wah chinese buffet for lunch, all back to our house after for drinks n laughs....

I can honestly say we had the most relaxing day ever! My grandson actually was sick over my shoulder (much to my son and his partners consternation - he was only3 months old lol) at the end of the meal but it didn't matter...

If you really want to have a nice chilled day and keep the expense down then why not call in a few favours from friends? Have your very low key wedding (in a chillaxed way) and then go back to your house where the friends can take charge of the bbq? Even easier do your shopping online for the bbq to take out the stress...

Just a thought xx


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Brother in law got married a few years ago at the register office with just both sets of parents there and asked every one later to a BBQ at their house. It was really relaxed and everyone enjoyed themselves.
The main thing is to have exactly what you want. Altough the one thing that I would say spend some money on is a photographer. I have had a LOT of dealings with weddings (I used to make diamond tiaras until my hand became unable to cope with the fiddly work) and quite a few people have said, 'all our friends have digital cameras these days, we don't need a professional' - they all regretted it. You could always get in touch with a local college and see if they have any almost-qualified students who would be willing to charge less.

When we got married, we wanted a cellist and couldn't find one, so I got in touch with a local cello teacher and she actually offered her own services - very reasonably priced too!

If you have room to have the party at home, do it! My sister and brother-in-law got married (many years ago) on Christmas Eve and they couldn't find anywhere that would do the reception for a reasonable price so they had it at home - which, considering they lived in a one-bedroomed, basement flat with a tiny garden, was some undertaking! Everyone had a wonderful time and they had about sixty people there plus a two-piece Irish band.

The other thing you can do is look on Ebay for anything you need - it can be a godsend.

You don't have to have a wedding dress, or even flowers, just buy yourself a dress that makes you feel good.

Whatever you decide on, have a wonderful day and make it all about the two of you. Good luck xx


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WOW!! Thank you for so many comments and helpful hints!

I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding on Saturday and picked up a few more pointers!
- I definitely dont want caterers, serving a formal sit down meal.
- I love the BBQ idea, weather permitting. Buffet style.
-Big bright flowers, like sunflowers and Lavender (My french roots!)
-I want a beautiful fitted/tailored outfit, but definitely not a wedding dress!
-I'm a cake monster, and a big yummy cake is very important...I happen to have a lovely Baker friend that has already offered her services!

I will keep you all updated on the plans and hopefully i can throw some questions in your direction as and when i come accross problematic situations?!

Tony had made noises that he was thinking of us tying the knot next summer-I'm thinking this summer!
Yesterday he said that he was thinking that earlier might be better...

We are trying for a family and i'm not worried about baby bumps being present on my wedding day.
I miscarried 7 weeks ago, at 13weeks... I'd be over the moon to pregnant again.

I live in Marlborough and there is a beautiful town hall/registry office. The high street has country pubs a plenty-I think a pub crawl might be in order to check out their services on offer! :)

Yikes! I'm going to be a married woman, its all very exciting!


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Awwwwwwwwwww massive congratulations xx