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Have I forgotten anything?

Sarah Metcalf

New Member
I go into hospital tomorrow and have a band fitted on Wed, so I'm trying to get organised but I'm scared that I've forgotten something.

I've finished the housework, got the last load of washing in, been to bank, posted xmas cards and pressies. Let nursery know where I'm going and who will be collecting Charlie this week and next.

2 nighties
1 pj
3 undies (totm)
totm products
dressing gown
2 books
nds and games
usual toiletries
breath freshener/dry mouth spray
going home clothes

Got plenty of frozen/tinned soup.

Can anyone think of anything I may have forgotten?


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tissues? NAS squash or NS flavoured water? Wind medicine such as Deflatine?

other than that it looks like you've got it covered. How long will you be in for?

Grace xxx


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Oh good luck hun x

I would take a few pounds in coins in case you want to buy a paper.

Sarah Metcalf

New Member
I hadn't thought of tissues and had forgot to pack juice, thank you.

I'll be in 2 nights, I'm going in tomorrow as they need to do the tests (I cancelled my last app because of the snow), I also requested to go in the day before as they wanted me in 6.30 on the morning of the op and it didn't seem fair to get my oh and 4yr son out of bed so early. So, all going well, I'll be home lunchtime Thursday. xx


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best wishes sweetheart.
Grace xxx


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Sarah, thanks for your email... you know where I am if I can help... I shall be taking some lip balm too... with this weather and a dry mouth it may just make your lips feel easier and help with sipping .... ring me if you need me and keep in touch if I can do anything in my small way.

Check it out first though because of your treatment...

Sending a humungous hug to you and it'll soon be done and you'll be back home in your own bed.

Love and hugs xxx
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Seems like you have it pretty much covered now :D Good Luck for your op and we will see you back here before you know it and you will be squishing us all up on the loosers bench :D XX


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Good luck Sarah!

I didnt take much at all but I was just in over night and slept from pretty soon post op through to the morning.

Look forward to hearing how it went x


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Good luck for 2moro, dont forget a hairbrush, wordsearch/suduko etc. Dont think you will want to do much other than sleep to be honest.


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Lypsyl might seem a good idea but they wouldn't let me use it when I was in hospital, well while I was on oxygen anyway. The nurses said it would blister my lips.