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Hot smoked salmon


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Not really a recipe, more of a recommendation on taste and cost and protein content. I buy mine in Lidl but Aldi, Sainsbury's etc also usually sell a similar product. Sainsburys much more expensive. I have tried them all and prefer Lidl's.
I phoned the customer service to get the nutritional info as not on packaging. Myfitnesspal has this completely wrong also

Serve at room temperature single 125g serving normally £1.99

per 100gm

Protein 26.6
Kcals. 218
Fat. 12.4
Salt. 1.78
Carbs. Negligible

I find this really filling, tasty, needs no cooking or prep, just remove skin which will reduce the weight but I haven't weighed lol.

Also nice flaked and mixed with pasta or mixed salad. I sometimes mash with a little mayo for a sandwich. Etc.

Anyways its one if my all time fav things

Enjoy. :D

los in it

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Thanks for the tip I love smoked fish will pop into my local lidl soon


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I still have my band, hoping to have a revision in June if my current issues don't prevent that. So we don't dump anyway. Half of one of these I find quite filling if I have a little something on the side. :( hope I can still have this after.


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I'd be worried it's too fatty and would make me dump but I'm guessing that's not been the case for you?
Update.: I have now tried this post bypass and no dumping. I managed about 2/3rds of a fillet with broccoli and mashed sweet potato. Was completely stuffed.

Before and after.


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OK this is the 2nd nice thing posted from Lidls i think i need to go
:). If you are going anyway I can also recommend highly these > OCEAN TRADER River Cobbler fillets in a Lime, Chilli and Coriander dusting. These are in the freezer cabinet and there are few different varieties, but this is my favourite. Two in a box and its a big serving.

Does needs cooking this time. Good protein count again., nice and moist and the dusting is yummy whilst carba and fat content reasonable.

ps. i do not work there :D