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Icons under avatar


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You may have noticed that there are now icons under your avatar.

They are "Award Icons".

Azure for 300lb lost
Gold for 100lb lost
Silver for 50lb lost
Bronze for 20lb lost
Green for 10lb lost
Red for 5lb lost

So if you lost 155lb you should have:
Gold + Silver + Red under your avatar. Its similar to roman numerals.

I also went the extra effort and made several icon variations which you can choose under your profile.


A star Icon which is a star
A Medal like that in the army as such
A Tea Cup for the tea lovers
A Tea Cup with steam
A Coffee cup
A Coffee Cup with Foam (like a Cappuccino)
A Trophy Cup
And for the Kings/Queens a Crown.

Enjoy and have fun playing around with the different variations.



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Just wanted to say thank you for the new icons. I do like seeing them under the avatars.

los in it

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Been looking where to put my thanks for the new " stars" on my profile! Thanks guys!


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Me too, I really like them :) Thanks @Pierce


Staff member
I edited your account to go from the default of no selection(should show them!) To stars. And now they show.



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Why have my trophies disappeared? I had 3 and now have 1??