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Im told you can stretch your pouch..


Hi all OK now I'm told that you can stretch Ur pouch but how? and if so does any1 know how? and how will we realise that we have done that. As there's no way i want that to happen in at matter of fact i believe none of us would want that as we took a big risk an it took alot of time to get where we are now so wouldn't want to go back never..:confused::confused::confused:


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I was told that a few people have cheated the by pass so stretching the pouch must come into it.

WLS is only an aid to help us and unfortunately if we really abuse it these things may happen.


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I know. I was also shocked to know that it's possible to stretch your pouch so much as to regain your weight..I was looking at a site in the U S and they redo the pouches, tightening them after regain......It's only a tool to aid with weight loss, same that !! Jan x


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Hi guys,

I have read some papers that suggest around 20% of patients who have a roux-en-y can gain their pre-operative weight again...not a great figure but I thought I would mention it to be realistic.
I suppose if nothing else, it reminds us that this surgery means a change for life...not just after the op xxxx

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If your over like 6 months out of urgery and u feel you have stretched your pouch there is a pouch test which restores restriction etc.

It's in one of the threads somewhere (maybe a sticky). The 5 day pouch test.

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Its something i certainly worry about, i'm neary 9 months post op and can certainly eat a lot more than i did before but absolutly nowhere near what i ate pre op! I hope that this remains my guide to my pouch operating as it should but definatly a worrying thought xx


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Yes this is really worrying!! I can eat loads more than just a few months ago although as Allie says less than before. Still concerning though!