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January 2014 surgeries

Good luck Donna66, I was sleeved on 13th January last year and apart from the recovery time which is a bit painful, I absolutely love my sleeve, and ive now lost 8.5 stone. Ive gone from a size 30/32 top to a 18, and 32/34 trousers to a 26(which will soon be 24).

Heres a pic to help you along your way! You can do this :) and it will be the best decision you will ever make xxxx

ps Salliebeth you look amazing hun!! pps Matra I know, cannot believe a year ago I was struggling on the milk diet, yuck! lol xxx


Thank you Sallie and Nervous. I am really excited only 5 more days till my op. Thank you for your inspirational pictures. I am defo looking forward to the new me!!!
it will change your life Donna xxx keep us up to date, have you got a diary? xxx


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You have all done so amazingly well. Happy surgiversary to us all xxx


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So it's been a year today since my band op.
I've lost 8 stone 2 pound & am now 12 stone 10.
Here's my stats-
Bust was 43" now 35" -8"
Hips were 56" now 42" -14"
Waist was 45" now 34" -11"
Thigh was 34" now 25" -9"
Calf was 22" now 18" -4"
Upper arm was 17" now 14" -3"
Total loss of 49"!
I was a size 22/24, now 12/14
My target is 12 stone 7, so just 3 more pounds till target!
I can still eat any food, so long as I chew & take it slow, I can also still eat quite large portions but choose not to. Despite having 8.2ml in a 10ml band! I still have treats but in smaller quantities.
The band has helped a lot but keeping focussed by logging my intake has helped equally if not more.
So I guess I can call stage 1 complete, the weight is gone. Now onto stage 2 - maintain. I plan on getting my band slowly de-filled & I'm stopping logging on MFP. I've got to learn to do this by myself if I'm going to maintain long term.
Then hopefully this time next year I can get my arms done. I need arms, legs, tummy & boobs done but I can only afford one procedure.
Here's my pics -



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Looking fab congrats on all you have achieved in a year


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Looking fab Tracey x


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OK just to update you all, the reason I had the RNY was to loose weight, behealthy and hopefully have our first child. After 7 years of trying and 2 days before my fertility appointment to be referred for IVF treatment I found out I was pregnant, I am now exactly 13 months out from RNY and 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I am so excited. For anyone reading this thread and considering WLS, its the best best decision I ever made and don't regret it 1 bit. xxx


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Another baby we are blessed, congratulations to you both exciting time ahead for you well done. Look forward to your journey :)


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Fantastic news Larabelle, congratulations to you both x

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What feb news :) more babies :)