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Liquid stage inspiration needed


New Member
I'm day 5 post RNY and so far fluids are going down good, though I can see myself getting bored as I still have 9/10 days left on this stage.

Wish I lived closer to my nan as her chicken broths are legendary!!

I'm having a cup of tea first thing, small yoghurt drink for breakfast, a beaker of diluted OJ, slim fast shake, 1/2 tin of soup for tea, glass of milk and cup of ovaltine before bed.

What smoothies can I make? Can I do banana, peanut butter and a bit I'd drinking choc powder with low fat yoghurt & milk?

I can't do anything with eggs yet can I? Looking forward to chopped egg in a cup (another of nans poorly foods)


Caroline jess

New Member
Did you get a diet sheet to follow? If your still on liquids then eggs are a no, unless you are going to go bodybuilder style and drink them raw. I would ditch the slim fast too much sugar not enough protein, get a better low carb 100% whey version such as optimum nutrition good standard and maybe a juice style rather than milky like syntrax nectar (you can use these for all the phases and long term) If your allowed yoghurt stick to fage or arla water them down with milk. Either homemade soups or the fresh ones from the supermarket with the most amount of protein then blitzed. I would say smoothies with banana etc are great but are you allowed the thicker consistency yet? If so then great chuck some of your protein powder in it too x


New Member
Thanks Caroline this is what I was given - it's really minimal.