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Hello everyone!
I am new here. I have the RNY Surgery on the 28th next week!

Just before I ask my question. I wanted to make sure everyone knows. That this surgery means everything to me right now, it is the right time. It is what is needed and I know I am ready. I KNOW what is expected and what I will have to commit to following the surgery. I am 100% committed but I am having some last minute panic eating or doing what's called "food funerals".

What i am asking today is i was given a preop diet of eating 4 shakes a day for three weeks prior to surgery. For the first 1.5 weeks i havent done so well.

I am going to give you a bit of a breakdown. Sorry for the length.

Even though my choices are healthier. I am getting my vitamins and such every day. Healthy intake of water. These shakes are just like watery and cold hot chocolate. Ive never been a fan of hot chocolate. The shakes are TOLERABLE but i am still struggling. I was so excited when i picked up the box of optifast. And for the first 2 days of the preop i was doing excellent, I didn't get all 4 in but I didn't break and cheat on the diet except it took me about 5 days to switch from coffee to a decaf I actually liked. And it is really nice with sweetener instead of sugar. The drinks I have are Gatorade 0, water, and orange peeko decaf tea mostly. One od the hardest things to do was cut out pop cold turkey but i did it!!! I was proud.
With the shakes though... My mouth felt like a moth ball it was so dry, I got the runs. Side affects i was told would come with the optifast. Just made me miserable so it had me go and pick up a 6 inch sub loaded with veggies on it (I've always been a veggie lover so that will never be hard to get into me) and I cried most of the night. This was on day 3.
Day 4. I had 1 shake before I left home and then I was out all day and was so hungry by the time I got home I totally forgot about the shakes and cooked some lipton chicken noodle soup. On day 5, 6 and 7 i did pretty good.... was craving coffee really bad so I stuck to my tea. And ordered a damn donut with it each morning but was able to cope with the other 3 shakes as my other meals.
Day 8.... my husband forgot I was doing this diet. And imagine coming home to the wafting smell of pizza fumigation your house. I see him eating it. I cry a little. I was doing so good. I was back on track with the shakes. I had three shakes day 8... and then had 2 slices of pizza and 3 wings. My mouth was watering like a fountain. I even tried to chew sugarless gum with a burning minty taste ( that's been my go to to cope) And it didn't work and I caved.
Day 9. Didn't have any shakes. I had left over pizza. for FRIGGEN BREAKFAST!!!! 2 slices. And a glass of OJ
Day 10. SEPTEMBER 17TH. I was LIKE NOPE. I GOTTA DO THIS. We were supposed to go to a babyshower. 2 days in a row. The babyshower. I didn't go inside whatsoever because that's where the food was. Brought my water. Brought my tea. I was content. I had a shake before I left the house. I had to go in to the bathroom
.. and I saw all the beautiful food. And it called to me. I thought protein protein if I'm going to have anything. So I grabbed three slices of turkey deli meat. And I sat down beside it. Unfortunately by the fruit tray. I ate only 5 pineapple pieces. I got up quickly and went back outside. As soon as we got home I gulped down a shake.i even exercised self control and passed up the opportunity to have hamburgers. Potato salad. Taco salad. Etc. BBQ food. The best kinds. I was proud.
Day 11 on the 18th was my sister's BBQ. I drank a shake before I went. Brought one WITH me this time
And still ended up wandering to the food .... but I only had two slices of deli meat and then asked my sister for a cup so I could make a shake. And I was good for the rest of the time.
Day 12. Monday the 19th. That was my kiddos 11th birthday. I asked her what she wanted. She said mcdonalds. Well. We had to do shopping at Walmart anyways. So her and dad went to mcdonalds
I WALKED THE FRICK AWAY GUYS. IM SO PROUD. I walked away!!!! And I shopped by myself and met them back at mcdonalds drinking a gatorade I had bought.
Day 13 the 20th. I was working. And forgot my shakes. I went shopping ...wasn't hungry. Didn't have one. I got one single snack size chicken wrap from the sub resturaunt by the store I was at. I couldn't resist.
Yesterday the 21st. It's SMILE COOKIE WEEK AT TIM HORTONS AND I FORGOT. Those are my absolute favorite. And I got THREE OF THEM. I had my tea. 1 shake and didn't eat the rest of the day.
I woke up completely starving this morning. And got an egg Mcmuffin
I have done little successes over the past couple of weeks but honestly. It is not enough and wtf is wrong with me ....honestly though??? I know I can do it. I just don't think
.I just keep forgetting or making excuses. Or saying
.oh tomorrow

So I came here essentially to ask for advice, to ask to see if anyone has gone through the same thing.
I have the anxieties that on the 28th when I go for surgery. They are gonna open me up and say I fked up. I don't want that. It will destroy me. Obviously my fault but still.
I also came here to ask if it is possible if I stuck to it 100% from now until next Wednesday. Following it to a t. As strict as possible. Will it be enough time to shrink my liver and make sure the surgery is still done?I want this more than anything. I mean ANYTHING.. before I was given this opportunity. My husband and I were trying for a baby for 6 years since a miscarriage with no luck at all. And I was told to choose a fertility specialist or bariatric specialist. And I chose bariatric to have a healthier life for any future children plus my daughter we already have...
Anyways guys. Is it possible ...am I doomed???