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RNY Gastric Bypass struggling on puree


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Hi everyone I'm 5 days post op
I had bypass but the loop bypass ( docs said same as rny)
I've searched online for recipe idea but most of them are American and never herd of lol.
I'm living on yoghurt soups and blended meals like lasagne and spa bols. . Recommend by dietician .. I'm a little confused though does it have to be pureed to like a runny consistency if I find lumps I'm spitting them out .. I'd love dome tune or scrambled eggs I'm I too soon. Any recipes would be most appreciated xx


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Tuna mayo would be ok blitzed or tuna n tomatoes, I had a dinner every day from my sunday lunch blitzed, to make it m,ore tatsy I used to add apple sauce to pork/stuffing and chicken or beef n mint sauce, cauliflour cheese. I never had pasta of any sorts till I was about 5 or 6 months out then it killed me can eta some now but not much bloats me out. broccoli n cheese bake blitzed with ham in, fish pie is also nice. xx Juts let you imagination work. Most of my meals were made by us so we knew what was in them as well as yoghurts and low fat custard and sugar free jelly, for a change I used to blitz a tin of chicken n veg Heinz big soup used to do me 3 sittings. All puree should be like pureed apple, if its too solid add water to make it easier to go down. Enjoyed half Weetabix or half porridge sachet fro breakfast.


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At 5 days post op most providers would say liquids only. Did you not get any diet sheets from your hospital??


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Check with your team but I could have purées and yoghurts from second day onwards. Try and get protein in as much as you can.

Good luck x