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UK or Europe


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Hi All,

Can I ask where you had your Operations? I am seriously considering the wrap, but am torn between cheap in Europe and Peace of Mind in UK with NOSC in Orpington, which is less than an hour away from my home?

I have looked at beautiful beings in prague, but there is that niggle in my mind, so looking to find other peoples experiences?

Many Thanks



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I had my op through bb in prague. I ended up going for sleeve over the wrap so cant comment on the wrap howevrr.. i would go back to prague without a second thought! Ive had cosmetics done in the uk with three of the top companies and prague was twenty times more thorough! Before they do any ops you get full bloods xray lung tests psych val, ultra sound and imaging. The rooms are private and immaculate and the staff are amazing and straight to you if you press the buzzer unlike the uk :) good luck x


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I don't think we have many active members who had a wrap anymore.

A lot of them chose to go abroad, for financial reasons alone. Not all where succesful, a couple ended up reversing straight away and one member converted to another provedure.

Any reason why you are thinking pilication over another procedure?