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vlcd can you stay on that?


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hi all just wondered, when it comes to food am a all or nothing kind of girl. Is it possible to do a diet like Cambridge weight plan after surgery for a few months?


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Hi Bubble ! Welcome ..
The whole point of WLS is to retrain your eating , in my opinion ..
It's learning to eat and be around real food and being able to control the type and the amount that goes into your mouth ..
Liquid food is going to be a no no afterwards as we call this slider food .. It means that calories will and do go right through without filling you up ..
I have a band so my eating regime should be more solid than loose food .. I read this explanation somewhere else , think of a funnel sitting in a bottle . If you put mashed potato , chewed chicken and beans in the funnel, it will fill up and stay there for a long time before working its way through . Now mix a few spoons of liquid to it and it will slide right through and leave you hungry sooner ..
This is why we don't drink before, during and after a meal .. We want to remain fuller for longer ..
We use diet drinks only after surgery for a few days to give our bodies the nutrients we need .
Maybe twice a week I will have a homemade smoothie for breakfast , a good way to get vitamin tablets and extras down but not a good idea every day ..
Hope this makes sense Bubble