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Why did you choose surgery?


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Wondered if you'd mind sharing why weightloss Surgery was for you?

I believe it is the right route for me to go as I have tried & failed more times than I care to mention in losing weight.

I lost 7 stone in 5 months on a vlcd but couldn't maintain & am now heavier than ever PLUS I want to be around for my children!! I don't want them to think this way of life is acceptable & I want SO much to do normal things with them... I miss being the real me!!

Although at the beginning of my journey & sometimes feeling apprehensive I know this is the route that I have to follow now or it'll never happen!!



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Hello there

I decided to take the wls route, because I been dieting on and off for the last 3 years and I am hoping to have a gastric band (fingers crossed) as I still have a long way to go and this band will help as a tool and help me shift the remainder of my weight and help me keep it off for good, because when I dont diet all the time I put the weight back on and tbh I dont really want to look back in ten years and think christ I been dieiting for the last 15 years nearly and be in the same postion I am in now . Here's to hoping I get it , and thanks for posting

All the best - MeJulie xx


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Hi Linzi, the answer for me is simple. I reached a point where I had given up on my diets before I had even started them. I had always failed before so why was this time going to be any different? This thought would get me down so then I would console myself with food. :rolleyes:

The turning point came when my 12 yr old son burst into tears whilst watching a tv programme about an overweight lady, I asked him why he was crying and he said he desperately wanted his mum to lose weight before she died. The subject had never, ever come up before and I was horrified.

The next morning I made an appointment to see my surgeon. The rest as they say, is history! :D

Cuppa xx


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I chose surgery because....

I had been over weight for 5 years and has lost weight, put it back on, lost weight, put it back on, the usual yo yoing, so I wanted a permanent fix to what would have developed into a life threatening issue....

I had been with my girlfriend for 4 and a half years and she realised she could no longer love someone like me being the weight i was and i cannot blame her. She first knew me as a fit, young lad with loads of confidence, i became a mess of a fat young man who had no self control, my hygeine was poor to say the least, i looked a mess, i couldnt function like all of my friends and for all of you that have seen her, she is stunning and beautiful, and every time someone saw us together, they thought "what on earth is she doing with him" and they were right, I had promised her a millions time I would lose weight and it would stay off, but it never did, when i promised her i was having WLS for the first time she believed me that things would change and thats what kept us together....

I also had WLS because it seemed the only way I could beat the demon that all my family has suffered with, my grandad has had 3 heart attacks, my uncle has had 2 and my parents have always suffered because of their weight, i saw this as a way of differentiating myself from the struggles the rest of my family has gone through.......



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.....because after ten years of dieting the pattern became one of putting on more weight than I had lost after every diet and it all added up

.....because the risks for me of not having wls were higher than the risk of surgery.

....because I wanted to set a good example for my son with regards to healthy eating habits.

Good luck with your journey.


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I could only see my future as getting bigger and more unhealthy, sitting in front of the TV and wasting the rest of my life. I had dieted for 20 years and, like Cuppa, had given up by the end of every first day. Each diet added more weight and I needed this drastic step to act as my will power. It does.


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Great thread Linzi. I could have written your post myself.

After years of yo-yo dieting and losing several stones on cambridge diet, I had somehow found myself again at my all time heaviest.

My knees were kiling me every day, I would get out of breath walking 100 yards, and I was able to do less and less. I felt like a terrible mum and wife and I realised that enough was enough.

Here I am now, about a year after starting my WLS journey. I'm 3 months post op and 4 stone down and I just know that this time the weight isnt going back on. I feel so much better in myself.


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Because i've been dieting since i was 20 and i'm no different nearly 21 yrs down the line..... I want some future with my family and i want to have a healthy old age with my husband and not be a burden..........

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My story is almost identical to Cuppa's. For me, it was the only permanent solution to a problem I had been battling for nearly 15 years.


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Because every time I lost weight I would put it back on with a bit of interest. In the end I was struggling to lose any at all. I decided I needed help that would help me keep off any weight I lost.


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I chose surgery because i dont want my children to think its acceptable to behave like i do around food and to allow it to make you look the way i do.
I want a healthy relationship with food and think the only way to do this is basically start again with a new tummy:17729:


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I chose wls cos I was fed up & depressed for spending so much of my time living life on the sidelines instead of 'being in the game'!

Also cos I knew how to lose weight - cos I have been dieting since I was a teenager but obviously the problem lay in keeping it off.

For me wls has given me the freedom from food that I was really craving!!!!!!