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What foods are definate no no's after having a band?


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Thanks Phatgirl, I will have a play around later - once I'm awake and functioning properly! I look forward to finding out others experiences.
Hi Karen,
Im a bander. Had my surgery 28th nov. theres a brill recipe thread here that phatgirl started. They sound lovely recipes too. Im going to try a few soon. Take Care R x


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Hi R, Thanks, will look out for them this weekend.

I'm having pains in my tummy today. The area where my port is, is quite tender as well. I feel quite bloated, so not sure if it's wind, or where I've been coughing quite hard (just getting over flu!) Anyone got any ideas? Also still have alot of pain in my shoulder from the co2, been nearly 8 weeks now. Has anyone else suffered this long?


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Hi I can eat everything as long as I chew it well or make sure its the right texture to begin with - steak would now be done in a stew for example. However I find that my eating habits have changed drasticaly and I no longer want comfort food type meals or the traditonal meat and 3 veg ect. What I used to have as a snack I now have as a meal, poached egg with asparagus and hollandaise sauce for eg as a meal now instead of something I'd have whilst watching tv.

I think the reality is that now I can't stuff my self with food the way I used to I've become quite bored with it and really do see it now as food and food only.

kargar, I just watned to add I can relate to what you are saying about using food for everything - I think its great you are working on your emotions as well as your waistline. I'm doing the same and 6 months after having the abnd done I don't think I've known myself so well or understood myself so well. Good luck xxx

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I read a thread on here that was really useful advice, it was to freeze in small ice cube sized amounts any pans of stew, soups and whatever else you have cooked. That way you are eating healthy but only defrosting what you need.
Clever eh!


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Hi, I'm wanting to get the gastric band but not sure if I would be able to as my weight isnt that exteme although I desperately want to lose weight and no matter how healthy and less i eat or exercise i seem to be stuck at the same weight, i used to be a gym addict and eat reli healthy and nothing seems to work. Does anybody know what the lowest weight to get a gastric band is at all? x


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Hi Faye,

Most places go on BMI and the recommended lowest is 30. If the info in your sidebar is right then your BMI is already in the healthy range and no reputable surgeon would operate on you. It may be that your weight isn't shifting because your body is at it's optimum already. A goal BMI of 17 is unhealthy.

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Hi Guys,
Goin to Dolan Park tomorrow op Saturday freakin out a bit but excited too.... i dont know how il live without food for 2 weeks. Just wanted to say thanks to all those how repl;ied to this on the site it really is the sort of stuff anyone getting a band needs to know...good to know im no alone xxx


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the following is out for me:
Coca Cola
any fizzy drinks
chewing gum (these are the normal things meant to be out for banders)
fat chunky fries
All breads unless it is toasted

the only meat I can eat at the moment is mince and sausages.
I am still learning to live with my band, and sure that there will be other foods that I can't tolerate.

Chewing Gum??? I'm confused. Is this in case you swallow it? :confused:



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My name is Lyndsey and I am new to this as just had my band op 3 days ago. Its 4am and I cannot sleep. I have the worst pain in my right shoulder and think from what I have read on here that it must be trapped wind !!! eeuuhhh
This forum is great and very motivational. I got up an hour ago and was ready to cry however after reading this I have to think of the long term benefits. Any good advice for getting rid of this trapped wind its doing my head in !?!


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Hi lahlah 23, this is an old thread and not many people will read it. Try making a new thread with this more people will see it.


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Any more useful tips for banders?


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wow the band makes one hell of an impact on life...hurray!


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Now I have really stupid question! (but I can't help it, I still have to ask).

If you say that bread is no no after getting banded, does it mean that birthday cake and Danish pastries are no no too? I don't want to look like some greedy pig, I don't really eat birthday cake that often (only twice a year, on my and my husband's birthdays) but somehow it is a part of the tradition for birthdays, so I am wondering whether we will have to change our birthday celebrations. And the Danish pastries - once a month I am meeting with my friends for coffee and we always have the pastries, also a bit of tradition, though not as important one.


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No food is a no no some of us choose not to eat certain thing and others can't as they get stuck I can't eat bread most red meat chips rice or pasta sometimes fish sometimes chicken but that is a physical thing as my band won't let me but diet wise I choose not to eat cake ,bread pasta etc if that makes sense :) x