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What is a Band? Both with and without pouch methods


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This is a link to the BOSPA site summary of a gastric band and the basic whats / hows and whys are covered here for some initial unbiased facts xxx
This first link covers the band sewn in place with a small pouch created
(which I had)
BOSPA - The British Obesity Surgery Patient Association

This second link covers the lap band using the technique by DR O'Brien where no pouch as such is created.
Obviously your surgery team will tell you which version of the band technique you have been given x

Bioenterics Lap Band System, Adjustable Stomach Banding Surgery for Weight Loss, Melbourne Australia
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I must admit I do get confused about this. The latest stuff I have read (Dr Paul O'Brien) suggests there is no pouch but BOSPA says there is. I wonder if some Drs place the band so there is a pouch and others don't. And I wonder how you would find out.


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The easiest way i find to explain it to my friends is..

A Band: "Its like a deflated rubber ring around the top half of your stomach, that causes a funnel like effect.."

A Fill : "Well that's just instead of as you would blow up a rubber ring, they inject small amounts of saline.. causing it to tighten"

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I agree with Weeble - I have done a lot of research on Dr Paul O'Brien and his technique and he states that in his operation there is no pouch in fact he quite clearly states that you must eat carefully afterwards to avoid stretching and creating a pouch.


Hi,,I was banded at Dolan park 9 weeks ago ,by Mr Alan li,,,,,,I've been told I don't have a pouch,,,,,,,it's all changed new bands 2012 x