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am i going to have the op


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still no news if i am having the gastric band (as they found a heart murmur at my pre-op told me i would no by last wednesday) op is on the 10th november a lady phoned me today and said if i don't hear from them just come for the op, but i keep telling them i have children to sort out and work but they are like we don't no so we can't tell you anything :(:confused::(:confused:
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whaaaaaaa...?! well id get back on the phone demand to speak to the surgeons secretary and ask what the hell is going on... how can you gear yourself up to surgery then it be cancelled like that seriously i would say i ahve to organize my children etc, it sounds promising there saying to come in, but still id double check, wish you luck sweets xx


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Good luck Karlene other people dont think about your problems, they think you can walk out at a moments notice I should arrange things as tho you are going, its not so bad if you say things have changed x


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Dont know how they can say just to come, like we dont worry enough and have things to sort out.
Id ring em and get your proper results and see if its a defo for the op. Like we dont have enough to worry about xxxx