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Anyone told they can't have surgery because of their mental health? Or have mh issues and had wls?


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I am on tier 3 ( month 8 on fri) i saw my psychiatrist on Mon and she was really negative about wls and withy mh problems ( i have BPD anxiety and depression) I've been hospitalized 10 x in last 6 years. I came out last July 2017 and have been stable since then.

She said we would have to have a very long discussion as she was not sure she would recommend me for surgery.

I've lost some weight on tier 3 just over a stone.

I binge eat but my mh team said there no help for binge eating so I have found a charity that deals with binge eating and they are going to asesse me. I will have to pay for that. I am really trying.

When will I see the psychologist and how far along will they write to my psychiatrist.

I feel like giving up-bit haven't. But could use some help?

Anyone else suffer with mh problems and had op?


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I suffer with mh problems as you probably know from reading my posts. At the time I was referred for WLS i had been seeing a psychotherapist privately for PTSD but everyone had to undergo a psychological assessment by a liaison psychiatrist who was part of the team, so they understood eating disorders. It might be worth asking your psychiatrist whether they have eating disorder experience or if you could see someone who has? I also have been seeing an NHS psychologist for the past year who has some experience of eating disorders although nothing specifically to do with binge eating. To be honest I don't think the type of eating disorder matters - it is getting at the underlying emotions and their causes that make you use food for comfort/self medication.

How long any assessments referrals take is unknown depending on services, but in answer to your last question, yes I had/have mh problems and had the op.


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I nearly had a hiccup because of mh. Similarly I have BPD, depression and anxiety. Was hospitalised with it in my teens and have had talking treatment on and off since then with continued medication throughout. The nurse I saw initially said that it could stop me being eligible and requested me to run through hoops to prove that I wasn't making the decision as some kind of ''episode". I came down quite hard on this position and suggested that it wasn't far off discrimination as I felt he was conflating the two issues! The CMHT here requires you to be reassessed every time you start using their services so getting back to see the psychiatrist would have added months to the whole process. Thankfully I have an understanding GP who wrote a strongly worded letter to the WL team and I progressed on without hearing anymore about the subject. Sure you need a healthy enough mind to keep to the diets etc but it's not fair when everything that happens in your life is attributed to your mental health! (Besides they say healthy body, healthy mind so if anything surgery will be helpful) Don't give up fighting for it if it's what you truly want! Oh and I noticed in your other post something about potentially having an issue moving forward with wls because of your anti psych medication? I'm on quetiapine and have been for years and that's not come up as an issue so not sure what that's about!