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Christmas Canape Ideas


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Hi all

As some of you know I have a food blog full of creations and following some of your requests I have been thinking about high protein, low fat, low carb, low sugar Christmas Canapes for those speedily arriving Christmas parties!

I'm not having my Christmas party until 13 December so won't pop anything on the blog until then as I don't have the time or money to make huge batches of canapes to then not use but I thought in the interim I'd share some ideas I've had...


- king prawns crumbed in coconut and baked served with mango salsa
- cucumber slices topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill
- mini fish cakes made with mash, smoked fish and egg
- smoked haddock pate


- chicken kebabs with satay sauce
- mini beef meatballs with tomato relish
- Pear wedge with blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto
- Baby mushroom wrapped in bacon and grilled


- mozzarella ball, cherry tomato & basil leaf on a toothpick

- Watermelon cube, feta cube, fennel sprig on a toothpick

- Frijoles with crudités

- Vietnamese rice paper roles with peanut sauce

- Spicy roasted chickpeas


- Mini christmas cake cubes with low fat custard dip
- tropical fruit kebabs
- baked small apples stuffed with spices and raisins
- Grilled pineapple marinated in brandy

los in it

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they all sound good enough to eat at anytime ,not just crimbo time! have done the roasted chickpeas using chilli flakes ....yummy will do it again


Now I am hungry :)

All sounds so good.


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Also quails eggs made into mini scotch eggs :)