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Civil partnership


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My fiancee and I are planning or big day, at the moment it looks like it will be aug 10th 2013, due to finances,a nd also i want to wait until after my gastric surgery.

BUT they say you can never plan too early, well,erm....thats what I say anyway!

It isnt my first marriage, and I am not divorced from my husband quite yet either!

We have LOADS of ideas on ways to make it personalised to us, the term benues etc like to use is "bespoke"....

we're getting married at a lighth house on an island onaly accesible via a causeway at low tides, then having an afternoon bbq reception for those who come to the ceremony, and a bigger buffet reception in a social club later.

We hope to have a vintage double decker bus as our transport, i wanted a pink tank ( and yes i DID find one) but at £6k it's a bit much lol

Already cant stop thinking of ideas, and looking at outfits etc.....cant book anywhere yet as nowhere's taking bookings that far ahead lol


very happy post opper
congrats love ,to the both of you ,its never to early to start planning , xxxx pink tank would be amazing but lets be honest ,all you need is love! ,,,,,,be lucky ,,,!


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Many congratulations. As you say, it's difficult to get booked so far in advance but I reckon you'll have GREAT fun with the planning. What you've mentioned so far sounds memorable and hugely fun!!


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thank you both!
That's exactly waht we want, a FUN day! There will be kids aged from about 2 up here (unless anymore arrive before then in the family) so we want everyone to just chill and have fun.

We have the cake planned, food for both venues, decoration ideas, music, and more

though it is all ideas, and I am sure we will both change our minds a million times by then


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ohhh count me in to attend!!!
shall I buy a hat??? lol
Good luck with the planning (and don't forget to get wedding insurance)


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I got married for the first time at 42 last September; we had the best day ever, but the planning was just as much fun as the wedding itself! Enjoy it, sounds like it (and you!) are shaping up for a fantastic day ;-) xx


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I laughing at the thought of a pink tank driving up the motorway....:)
What about the pink tank going over the causeway and the tide coming in, imagine the phone call to the RNLI.


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its never to early to start planning, it sounds like you are going to have a lovely day. I love the pink tank idea. Good Luck with your planning and you wls journey x


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oooh i dont fancy a pink tank getting stuck on the causeway lol.

We're really keen on the vintage double decker bus idea to be honest.... though i did enquire about a tractor and trailer and was told the council wont allow it as it is too slow and wide (yet a pink tank isnt?!?!)

I didnt enjoy my first wedding planning,nor the wedding itself actually .but I am REALLY enjoying planning for this. Though I am sure my family n friends are sick of hearing me say wedding this and wedding that lol.

What am i going to do with my time after the wedding ha ha


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Many congratulations to you both. I hummed and hahhed before marrying my hubby as to whether to wait till post op or do it pre op. In the end i went pre op because i wanted him to have the security being married gave us both should anything happen...

Have a marvellous day when it finally happens xx


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Where is Newcastle are you hun?? I'm in Killingworth...
Which hospital are you under?
I actually live in southwick, but am DESPERATLY trying to move to within travel distance of north shields, as my eldest son has some minor learning disabilities and goes to a fab school there.

I will be going to sunderland royalbut dnt yet know my consltant (I Lost my appointment letter lol)


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Hi and congrats Janie :)

My wife n I had a civil partnership in Jan and it was fab.
we were the 1st civil partnership to be held in the new beach Wedding Chapel in Blackpool. Will put a pic on when I find out how lol

organising it is so exciting and hope it all works out n you get all u dreamed off xxxx



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It's never too early to plan a wedding! Some companies get booked up so you have to get in there years in advance. When I was planning mine I started in 2005, was suppose to get married in 2006 but had to postpone so married in 2007. But on the wedding forum I went on some girls were planning theirs for 2010 in 2005!

All the very best to both of you it sounds amazing!