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hiya all

I just would like to ask a question please and its regarding the funding.

I am having my first consultation next month on the 11th in homerton hospital, its going to be a long day, i will meet with Mr Munner at the end.

I just would like to know who will apply for funding? and when, i have been told by Mr munner sec that i wont have any problem with funding as i have sleep apena and high BMI of 57, but i know myself i will not relax and till i know i have the funding and date for the surgery.

Is there any one can let me know or advice regarding this matter, or if they under homerton hospital same situation like me.

many thanks and god bless you all


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Hello love, I am many miles away from your location, but still wanted to wish you well and all the very best on your weightloss journey... please keep us posted and good luck to you! xxx

Love and hugs xx


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just wanted to wish you the very best on your wl journey! i wouldnt worry to much about funding as it seems noone else is questioning it.... but hopefully someone from your area will be along soon to help :) xx


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I think funding at the Homerton is automatic. I had my op there and they didn't say anything about even having to apply for it or it being a problem. As long as they agree to do your op you should be fine.


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I would imagine the procedure can vary wildly from one pct to another, but in my case, the surgeon puts forward my case at the monthly multi disciplinary meeting. Then if they all decide to offer me surgery, he writes off to ask for funding. That was after me having seen the bariatric nurse twice and the surgeon once and having had all the pre-op tests. But other people in my local support group had the funding agreed even before they had the pre-op tests so it even varies within the same hospital.


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Hi Angelicheart,

You will already have got your funding, so you have nothing to worry about, you will be fine tomorrow, its a long day and a bit boring but be honest with the dietician and the consultant. When i went to see the consultant we were sitting down the passageway where they get you to wait, everybody was going in and were in there for 20 mins i was called he asked me what i wanted, felt my belly and off i went, i could not have been in there for more than 5 minutes. So dont panic you will be fine xx