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hiya all

I just would like to ask a question please and its regarding the funding.

I am having my first consultation next month on the 11th in homerton hospital, its going to be a long day, i will meet with Mr Munner at the end.

I just would like to know who will apply for funding? and when, i have been told by Mr munner sec that i wont have any problem with funding as i have sleep apena and high BMI of 57, but i know myself i will not relax and till i know i have the funding and date for the surgery.

Is there any one can let me know or advice regarding this matter, or if they under homerton hospital same situation like me.

many thanks and god bless you all


New Member
Hi Angelic heart,

Im also at homerton and thanks for the note u sent me.
It's a long old process at Homerton, at least it has been for me.

My first consultation with Mr Mannur was my first contact with Homerton, after that I attended the nutrition grp, had bloods done and then attended the weight management clinics to monitor my weight, they expect a weight loss of 3-5% prior to surgery. It has been 14 months since then and I have just been given my surgery date of the 20/10/10.

Homerton apply to your PCT for funding and your case goes b4 the panel at Homerton before a surgery date is arranged.

It is not a quick process, at least it was not for me but at last I feel like Im getting there, with my date looming, i can hardly wait.

Mr Mannur was very nice, friendly and knows his stuff, I felt confident after meeting him.