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Going for my Gastric Wrap on the 28th April!!!


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Hi Guys I just want to first say this wls forum is amazing.: :flirt2::flirt2:

Two weeks from now I am going for my Gastric Wrap and would like to know what is my next step. What should I do from hereon?. I know I need to be on some special diet. Therefore any pointers would be great...

Cheers madears!


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Hello and welcome! I go on the 21st for mine! Regarding pre op diet it all depends what your provider has advised. My provider advises a high protein, low fat and low card diet of around 1000-1200 calories a day. Although I have chosen to do the milk diet which was okayed with them as I felt like I needed to eliminate food altogether. This last week though I have introduced a small high protein evening meal! Good luck with your journey!


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Get used to any type of liquid diet, because you will have to stay on liquids for three weeks after the op and trust me, ideas do not come that easy once you get tired of the yogurt/milk diet.


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Hello Cheshiregrin, welcome to the forum, congrats on getting your date. Looking forward to hearing how you get on :)


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Welcome to the forum Cheshiregrin. I am relatively new here too :)... A very friendly place to be. Everyone has been so lovely xx