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on the off for gastric wrap


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I have had my final itinery from BBC in Prague ready for my gastric wrap on 13th Feb. Wow can it really be happening.


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Hi Angee, it,s a sobering time when the op is finally booked. I,m having mine on the 23rd of this month and I,ve hardly slept since! I,m going with BBC. I,m having nightmares about never eating out again etc.... Ha. Also, I haven,t told a soul about this so I,ve nobody to talk to apart from on here! I just hope that we all stay on here post op for support because I,m pretty sure we will need it x


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Best wishes with the procedure you have chosen, Angee!



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Good luck angee, if im lucky enough to have the op on monday ill let u know how everything goes so u know what to expect at Dr Frieds clinic when u get there.

I know how u feel toxingirl, i keep having nitemares about waking up on the op table or not being able to have it. Its like torture and this week seems to be really dragging which isnt helpin!


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All the best for your op, Angee :):) Although it is a bit surreal at the minute, it will soon be the best thing you have ever done for yourself :):) xxx


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Good luck to you ladies. Keep us updated.

Safe travels and happy hearings.



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Shana, I hope it does happen for you.
I can't believe I,m keeping this to myself - I,m normally an open book.
Have you got everything ready to pack?
I,ve wrote myself a list, but still need to find the time to get out there and buy! Life is so busy and I can't wait to have the energy again to enjoy it....:D


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Oh many thanks to all of you and looking forward to hearing how you other wrappers get on in Prague. It is so good to see all the success stories on here for all procedures


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Good luck ladies ;) x


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I am also going to Prague this weekend with Cosmetic Bliss but to have the sleeve. I live in France and tried to get surgery here but they wouldnt even look at me although I have terrible arthritus in my hip and some days can hardly walk. My GP supported me but the surgeon said no.

There is so much positive stuff about CB and they really do make you feel looked after. The FB community is a really brilliant virtual support group too as they have been there, done that.

I haven't told anyone either except my husband and my grown up son who just grunted....... as boys do! I usually tell everyone everything but I just cant bring myself to tell them about this... I am so worried about any negativity before I go. Maybe when I get back I will tell peeps but right now I am keeping quiet.

Not long now!


Love my sleeve!!
good luck Nakipa :) xxx


im having it in Prague on monday tru bbcdirect ,..... cant wait :) will defo keep posting on here, until last night i didnt even know this existed :) its great to have someone to talk to :)


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Can anyone tell me how you add new thread using an iphone as cant work it out?

Haven't seen Polly so think may be in separate clinics.

Anyway just wanted to say that had my endoscope (sedation free and through my nose which wasnt the best experience) and my ulcer had healed so i am now just waiting on my pre meds then im off to theatre!!!! Whoop whoop


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Good Luck for ur op, hope everything goes smoothly. sorry dont no how to start threads from phone xx


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Good luck hun ;) xn I don't either sorry :( x

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Yep all done now so thanks for ur well wishes.

Have minor wind pain but aside from that great just abit drowsy :)