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My progress. 4 stone down.


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Hey everyone.
I thought I would share my progress so far after losing 4 stone.
Start weight was 23.6
Today I am 19.5
It's been a good journey with some downs but mostly ups !



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Well done looking good xx


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Wow, you look so much smaller than 19st. I too am tall like you (5ft 10) and weigh now just over 19stone, and I don't look like you. You are looking fab girl, keep it up x


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Thank you !
Yes I'm 5'11 so I think that hides it a bit better !!
Gone from size 24 to 20. Can't wait to get into the 18's !
I'm 19.6 today. I'm hoping to lose another stone before my holiday at the end of the month. It will be hard but I'm going to try !!


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Great progress, well done!

Loving the Loop

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Keep up the good work