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newie had op done in dolan park 21/08/08


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Hi Emma

I'm day 7 post op, and really struggling. I don't feel any restriction, and am finding it impossible to stick to liquids only now. I feel hungry most of the time - guess that's why I don't think any weight has come off.

How are your wounds now? I'm still a bit sore, but I am amazed at how much better they've got. Had a couple of sharp twinges yesterday, and thought I had pulled them - warning to take it easier methinks!


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:eek:hi bill

i am 7 days post op at first i was full and never gave food another thought but now i am getting hungrier between meals i have been trying to drink more as that does seem to help but doesnt last.

i have been eating skinny cow ice cream and found that to be lovely, i was really naughty today as my daughter gave me a sweet and i just popped it into my mouth and chewed and swallowed it without thinking, god it was lovely and luckily it didnt get stuck, i really must think before i put things in my mouth.

i think the swelling must have gone down as i dont feel the same restriction.

stick to it best as you can and count down untill the first fill

all the best moe


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No one Panic, its all normallllllllllllllllll!! This tool we have takes time to get right.....won't be long and we'll all be losing regularly...stay strong and .....all will be revealed :) i sat on saturday with a women who has lost TEN STONES !!! She said it took a good few months to get the restriction right after her first fill and by the 3rd she was well on her way .....be patient ...we'll get there and u can all join the Size 14 challenge ( whatever your size you've lost ! ) next July with me and few others in London !! Chin up girlys !!!!!!!!!!xxx


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hi bill
i feel the same yesterday i was very hungry which i didnt like being.. i had 3 bowls of soup and a slimfast and yogurt in a day of course lol.. my wounds are getting better they do pull at the port though thats because the port has been stiched to the muscle..
what is an average day (food)for you at the moment?


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ok average food at the moment is a slimfast in the morning half a bowl of soup lumps and all now and then a skinny cow ice cream mid afternoon and then the other half a bowl in the evening, however, i would be lying if i said i felt full i could very easily eat more but i do try and drink lots it does help but it doesnt last, i had a couple of mouthfuls of my daughters pot noodle chewed it really well it was divine, i have had lumpier soups but just chewed them really well and has had no effect so going to carry on, cant wait to try mushy stuff, still had no appointment through have you?

i tried to put a ticker onto my site i can do the ticker and the pointer but cant see how you get it to go onto your own name (not great on computers) i have now lost 1 stone and 1 lb really pleased but truly cannot feel that i have lost it as my stomach still seems just as huge as before, i still have a slight pain in my shoulder but other than that i feel ok.

the smaller wounds that were stuck with glue look really dirty like plaster marks any ideas on how to remove them gently.

thanks emma



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hi moe
i would use cotton wool and warm water.
we r eating the same just tried a lumpier soup and it ok.
is that a stone in a wk moe? i have lost a stone in 2wks half preop + half post.
are you going back to school next wk?
i havent received appointment but i have put all my aftercare with wls group and got my 1st fill 29th sept.. not happy with dolan park at mo because they are short staffed we have to suffer..
takecare hun