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What would you do, advice please?

Sorry I haven't been about on here but I am feeling a bit down to be honest. I have been being sick and feeling and fainting for months now. I have been back to my consultant a few times who has asked me to be referred to him on the NHS. Because I went private to have my sleeve done the NHS don't want to know despite the fact I was having additional issues that would have cost them more money in the long run. They have sent a sturn letter to me and the consultant saying any treatment needs to be paid for privately by myself. I had enough money to have the operation done but researching it didn't hear of many problems with the sleeve. The consultant has booked me an appointment to have a barium meal test on the NHS and is hoping that the local PCT doesn't pick up on the fact it is for me. Basically the treatment is slipping under the radar.
I was concerned that I was going to get a large bill from the PCT for this that I truly won't be able to pay. I called his office as I am really concerned and was advised that they would be really surprised if I got a bill from the PCT but it may happen. She also said that I should of lost more weight by now and that i must be eating too many calories. I am living on soup and sloppy stuff and have done since week 6 as it hurts when anything more solid hits the sleeve and makes me sick. She went on to suggest I have a bypass??!!!
I really don't know what to do. Should I just cancel the appointment? I and others can't see what a barium is going to achieve anyway?

I really would appreciate any advice please?


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Sorry I'm not going to be able to help much as ive had a bypass.
Are you able to keep any food down?
As if your struggling with foods/water then it's not good.
But in my first year or so,sickness was a real problem for me,I was given anti sickness which helped a great deal.
Even though some days I managed a bit of food other days throwing up at every meal,my weightloss has been quite slow.
Sickness happens after these ops,but get it checked if your not keeping anything down or see if you can try antisickness meds x


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The NHS can't bill you if you are a uk citizen so don't worry about that. Sound to me that you have failed to move back on to normal food. Pain/vomiting/sliming were all part of the process for me and I used to have to eat so slowly to keep anything down. Unless you need a stretch you are just going to have to persevere.

Why don't you tell us a normal day's food? Do you calorie count? If you are sticking to sliders you may well be eating too much but I have restriction with everything!

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If you have any problems in the future, go to A&E no matter how small they are. NHS are legally obliged to treat anyone who walks through the door of an emergency department.

If your a UK citizen and have paid your national insurance they cannot charge you for treatment, It is illegal. It doesn't matter if you privately paid for your surgery. If I were you I'd consult a solicitor who specialises in medical law and get them to fire off a letter to the pct, as they are out of order.
Apparently they can bill you for it. I can eat a can of soup but struggle with the last bit.


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I don't think I could eat a can of soup but more because I'd get bored! You need good dense protein like chicken.
Just tried chicken and a tiny bit of pasta and it hurt and then revisited me


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Don't bother with pasta it just bloats you. How much chicken did you have?
Less than half of a small chick fillet breasty thingey. second small piece and bam


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How are you getting on now?
I am having my sleeve on sat and feel really nervous reading your story
How is the pain and the sickness ? X