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who`s next for Spire Manchester with Mr Ammori


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Hi there Gaelic Girl Yes please that would be realy helpful. Thank you so much G.M :thankyou:


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its easier said than done i will get all built up in my mind and close to tears , and the only way i can manage to talk with out crying is in a stern mater of fact way and people take it i am being stroppy when i am only tring to stand my ground and say the words .
and if i just cry and talk the other option they are worse and dismiss me as aloon
ive found that if i take my husband in with me at least the dr listens more and i tend to say more
dont get me wrong i am not a mouse it is if something is really important to me i just get emotional
but if my husband thinks he could save the 10 grand he will go in with me and give it a go
but hes not spending any thing we have left its mine.... not ours this time
i wish
ps i have no problem shouting at kids and husbands especially once a month

lol know wat u mean about once a mth :D
I anm from from lancs as well, Bolton, and my doc was not very helpfull, I did not get any help advice, or symphthy from him, the only advice he gave me ws that my doc, local nhs etc would not give any aftercare, but his mate (another doc, who worked in manchester, private doc) would do my aftercare, He gave me his number and told me to mention him and I may get a reduced rate, lol) i ended up going private for my op and paid alot less and was treated like a queen. Hope you get get the funding you want, keeping my fingers crossed xx


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Hi, I'm just waiting for a date now from Mr Ammori will be the Spire at Manchester. Have seen him and done the group info thing but somehow missed the pre-op bit with the nurse. Am booked for that on the 23rd June. Does anyone know how long from then to a surgery date???