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  1. L

    Bypass for GERD newbie

    Hi all, So i have my Pre-Op on 5th December for Gastric Bypass Surgery. I am getting this surgery due to Gastroesophageal reflux disease and the fact my esophagus doesn't close at all. I have had this condition for around 15 years (I am 26). When I was 17 I collapsed in agony and went to...
  2. jooz0301

    Who's having an op in July/August 2016

    Mine is August 16th. Would love to share my journey with other people xx mutual support x :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  3. Pierce

    Guidelines for Members Supporting Members

    This forum is for any online competition like weddings, baby shower, hen parties, stag nights, birthday presents, photography session, talent shows, pet shows etc etc any online competition that requires you to have the most clicks or votes . You can post this on your diary, link in your...
  4. muhsi1

    Lack of support from friends and family

    Hi Guys did many of you experience negativity from friends and family, making you feel that it is very extreme to do surgery and not worth the risk, remembering and quoting only the few who had complications and forgetting the thousands that no longer have risk factors due to weight and have...
  5. N

    Hello! I am new to this need some friends for support!

    Hello everyone!!! My name is nena!!!! I am new and I am sooo ready to start my journey with your help!!!! Not yet gotten surgery but almost there hoping for march but I need a hand!!! Suggestions?!? Im looking into the VSG or the band, please help! I also already made my channel on you tube but...