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13 weeks post with pictures


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Thought I'd share my pics with you all now I'm 13weeks post op Gastric sleeve
. I'm 60lbs lighter :)
The 1st pic is at 3weeks out and I had lost 34lbs .
The 2nd pic is at 8 weeks out and I had lost 50lbs.
The 3rd pic is today 13 weeks out and I've lost 60lbs.




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yes you can see the all the hard work you have put in keep it up your doing fantastic. xxx


Love my sleeve!!
looking great Cathy!! well done :) xxx


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You look great well dun :) x

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You can already see a very impressive difference. Keep it up, you looking fab!!
Lynne x


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Thank you everyone :)
Even though I've had a rough time I'm still pleased with the results and I would do it all over again! :) xxxx


Im Finally Getting There!
Your doing brilliant hun you look fantastic! Well done you keep at it :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Looking good well done


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Well done hun looking good x


Finally in love with life
Well done on your sucess so far Cathy. Over half way!


Can't wait to be skinny!
well done ur looking great xx

Keza Roo

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Well Done hun looking good xx