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2019 surgeons list

Bling Babe

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Your telling me! I swear I could of choked him on that samosa he was eating! Anyhow I’ve been in the shower I still have a blue dip blue :) and I’ve had a look at my ports and they look fab so alls good :) x
My OH bought “Percy” (my pouch) a huge chocolate flake birthday cake on my first surgiversary!!! X


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Just absolutely balls’d off of liquid food.. and since I came home my lovely husband has eaten takeaways.... so yesterday I just crumbled... I miss the motion of eating food x
Awww bless ya, you should banish him to another room if he has to eat that when you can't, at least while you're getting your head around it all x


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@Kev_h you're officially on the list x