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5.5 years post op problems


Hi- haven’t been on here in a long time. I’m 5.5 years post sleeve and my journey was a success. However I’m having trouble keeping food down now and wondered if this has happened to anyone so long after the op. The food just seems to stick until vomited back up and this has been going on for one week now. Yesterday I had 3 spoons of pasta and baked beans 12pm and was uncomfortable until 2pm when I vomited it back up- 2 hours later?! That means it hasn’t gone down properly . Have had same with all solid food . Managed to have some crackers and toast staying down. It’s not a virus as I feel well in myself. Really confused by this!! I haven’t hasn’t protein in a week and getting concerned . Googled strictures but that seems to be for new ops!
Any advice welcome thanks

Bling Babe

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That sounds awful I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas or answers but it would be a good idea to contact your team even after those years, well done on working so well with your sleeve and your success xx