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6 months since my sleeve


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i had my operation done 21 march, 3 days later i had a leak had to be rushed in hospital had another operation i nearly died,i was in hospital for over 3 weeks had tubes everywhere feeding me and tube in my neck then i had to have a stent put in for 4 weeks i was sick 30 times a day then they said the stent was too short my sleeve was closing passed the stent so they had one made which was a foot long had that in for 4 weeks still being sick 30 plus times a day then finally they took it out but couple of days after having it out my legs tummy and fingers are tingling and numbness i got no feeling in them , doctor now sent me to see specialist which he hasnt got a clue so he sending me for a mri scan to see whats going on also my knees giving way my mobility has gone downhill cant climb stairs cant walk far now my hair is falling out had to have it cut short , last 6 months has been hell im grateful im alive but wish my legs worked on plus side i lost 10 stone if i had a chance to go back to 21st march and knew i would go through this i would run has fast as i could back to car and come home


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Oh no, im so sorry you have been through so much bad stuff... Wishing you good health and strength for the future... x


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You poor thing, feel terribly sorry for all your problems. I really hope that the doctors put you right asap!! xx