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After u get funding????


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It depends on if you get your funding then see the surgeon or like me see the surgeon and then get your funding....obviously as my surgeon had asked for funding via my GP once it was approved I expected for him to do the surgery. However, the PCT said yes to funding and then said I would need to see a different surgeon at a hospital they stated which was the Spire Regency in Macclesfield. I fought the PCT for the right to have Mr Ammori and as the Spire Manchester was part of the spire group anyway they said yes, but I did have to go via the department of health and make a complaint to the commissioning panel....xx


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After I got the funding, I was called back to my GP to choose which hospital I would prefer to have my surgery at. I was never given a choice of surgeon, just the hospital. I did not mind who did it, as I am sure all surgeons trained for laprascopic and bariatric surgery are good. I was more worried aboout when.

So once I made my choice, an appointment was set up to see the bariatric surgeon and his team.

Then from that first consultant appointment a date was set for surgery bar all tests and meetings went well with the multi disciplinary team.


Post-op Gastric Bypass
I was NHS bypass by the wonderful Mr ammori. after getting my funding i went for an initial consultation with the bariatric nurse and surgeon. i then waited for my pre op and then the big op. all in alll the process went really quickly and smoothly. good luck x